2017 Offseason

Wolves Sign Anthony Brown to a Two-Way Contract

The Minnesota Timberwolves signed former Stanford Cardnial wing Anthony Brown to a one-year two-way contract Tuesday morning, the first of two possible two-way contracts to be filled.

The 24-year-old Brown was selected 34th overall in the 2015 draft by the Los Angeles Lakers and has spent time with the New Orleans Pelicans and Orlando Magic as well. Brown possesses good size at 6’7″ and 211 pounds and projects to be a 3-and-D type player. In 144 games at Stanford, Brown shot 40.3% from 3 on 3.8 attempts per game and, thus far, has followed up that success in G-League with a career three-point field goal percentage of 42.6% on 5.5 attempts in 31 games.

Browns sharp-shooting has yet to translate to the NBA in limited opportunities, however, as he has only shot 27.8% on 2.4 attempts in 40 career games.

The Brown signing is a good low-risk move for the Wolves and brings in a player with a skill set that could be much needed depending on how the team fills out their final 3-4 roster spots. As it stands right now, the only wings on the roster are Andrew Wiggins, Jimmy Butler, and Jamal Crawford.

The two-way contract is new this offseason and essentially awards each team a 16th and 17th roster spot. Each player signed to a two-way contract is allowed to be on their parent team’s active roster for up to 45 days, with the rest of their time being spent with the team’s G-League affiliate, and ups their pay relative to non-two-way G-League players. A player who has signed a two-way contract is paid $75,000 while they are in the G-League and will be paid a minimum level salary while in the NBA.

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