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A Breakdown of NBA 2K18’s All-Time Timberwolves Roster

The Timberwolves don’t have the richest history the NBA has to offer, and their All-Time Team, as put together by the NBA 2K staff, reflects that.

Here’s a snapshot of the roster, as it will be released in late September.

We’ll start from the top, and make it all the way through the roster.

PG: Sam Cassell – The only guard to ever make an All-NBA team in Wolves history, Cassell as the starting point guard makes a lot of sense. No point guard has a long stint in Minnesota, and Cassell is no exception to this. But when his 2003-04 season is an important one in Wolves history.

SG: Andrew Wiggins- The case can definitely be made that Latrell Sprewell or Isaiah Rider (or even Stephon Marbury), but this is the first example of the Wolves’ weak history at the wing. Wiggins has no All-Star games under his belt, but he does have 3 years hovering around 20+ points per game since he entered the league. With time, his stock will inevitably go up, and his spot will become more solidified.

SF: Wally Szczerbiak- At this point, Wally World probably has the most storied career at the wing for the Wolves. Only one All-Star game, but he played with Minnesota for 6 and a half years and was a major contributor on every team. He was the second option on a lot of the 1st round exit Timberwolves in the early 2000s, and did it well, all things considered. He deserves this spot.

PF: Kevin Love- Other than KG, no player has accomplished more in Minnesota than Love. The only criticism: Love played some center with Minnesota. KG did not. Why is KG the center here? I guess, ultimately, it would all be determined by matchups. Oh well.

C: Kevin Garnett- Duh.

6: Karl-Anthony Towns- This is the first criticism I have. To keep positions historically accurate, and to put out the best team possible, wouldn’t a frontcourt of KG/Love/KAT be better? Slide Wally to the 2, bring Wiggins off the bench, and then you’re honoring the team’s history, all while putting out a scary product.

7: Al Jefferson- Big Al nearly made the All-Star team his second year in Minnesota, and was the only bright spot on some otherwise awful, awful teams. Wolves fans should embrace in Al being on this team, for no reason other than he made the Wolves watchable whenever it was humanly possible.

8: Stephon Marbury- He could have easily been the starting point guard on this team, had he stuck around. The chemistry he had with KG was as fun and exciting as KD/Russ, Curry/Klay, etc. is today. The breakup between KG and Steph temporarily halted the Wolves’ future, and likely kept Starbury from being a starter on this list.

9: Terrell Brandon- The guy that was acquired to replace Steph, Brandon is a somewhat forgotten figure in Wolves history, but was incredibly efficient when healthy in Minnesota. He had a deadly stop and pop, and could pile on the assists. He wasn’t terribly flashy, but fit with KG as perfectly as a point guard could. Glad to see him on this list.

10: Isaiah Rider- The dude had his problems, but he could ball. He was one of the first “stars” in Minnesota history, won the dunk contest (in Minnesota), and could put up big buckets. At the very least, it’ll be fun to play with him on 2K.

11: Ricky Rubio- wipes tear Having the option to play with Rubio in a Wolves jersey, the same year he joins Utah, will be weird, but his place on this list is more than warranted.

12: Christian Laettner- He’s an easy punching bag, and deservedly so in some cases, but Laettner did good work while in Minnesota, averaging over 18 and 10 in his short time with the Wolves. He was never as good as some hoped out of college, and was taken just after Shaq and Alonzo Mourning, but he didn’t suck in Minnesota. He was good, in fact. BUT, there is a major snub at power forward that will be discussed further down.

13: Latrell Sprewell- The third head of the big 3 in Minnesota’s Conference Finals run, Spree has to be on this list. He nearly made the All-Star team in his first year with the Wolves, and was absolutely vital to their short-term success. It’s weird to see him this low on the list, in fact.

14: Zach LaVine- wipes second tear It’s cool to see LaVine on this list. Considering where he started, how much he progressed in his three years with the Wolves puts him on the All-Time team.

15: Trenton Hassell- Weird to see the best player in Wolves history on the bottom of the list. Probably a glitch….Okay but seriously, Hassell was the team’s lockdown defender at the height of their success. Go look at Carmelo Anthony and Peja Stojakovic’s numbers from the 04 playoffs. He was a defensive monster.

The Big Snub: Tom Gugliotta- Seriously, how does the team’s first All-Star (made it the same year as KG’s first ASG, in 1997) not make this team? Googs was fantastic in the 90s, played here for 4 years, and was a major contributor each year. Unless there was some contract dispute on getting him on the game, this makes no sense.

Other notables not on the squad: Sam Mitchell, Doug West, Tony Campbell, Pooh Richardson, Rasho Nesterovic, Troy Hudson.

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4 thoughts on “A Breakdown of NBA 2K18’s All-Time Timberwolves Roster

  1. Remember that these teams are partially based on who is willing to let 2K use their likeness in the game. Charles Barkley refuses to allow his likeness and has only been in the game when the Dream Team was in it. Rasheed Wallace also refuses and isn’t in the game, so Googs may have just done that. Also, they went heavy on current players because all of them are already part of the game.

    Mitchell should be on there, and LaVine shouldn’t. LaVine was hot garbage for 1 1/2 seasons of a 3-season career while Mitchell’s longevity and importance to the franchise need to be in there. Also, I’d put Pek in there because he’s the 2nd-best center in franchise history after Towns.

    The ratings are kind of absurd, though, when considering how many all-time greats are in the game. The role players’ ratings get real inflated.

  2. Couple tweaks for me: Tony Campbell over Lavine & Gugliotta in place of Rider. I’m surprised anyone outside of Minnesota “recognized” Trenton Hassell’s lockdown D so I am pleasantly surprised he’s on the list.

  3. I also would prefer Tony Campbell and Doug West over LaVine and Rider. Pek should be in the mix at center and certainly KG needs to be a PF and never a C for the wolves. He intentionally wanted to be listed at 6’11” so he could say he was too short to play center. I would never put Stop and Pop Brandon on my team because Flip chose him over Chauncey Billups. You think of today’s NBA and you wonder what could KG and Laettner have done if they just accepted each other. Add Jesus Shuttlesworth instead of Starbury and you would have had a pretty darn good team with the 3 point barrage of today’s NBA.

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