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Minnesota Timberwolves Unveil Icon and Association Jerseys

In a much-anticipated move, the Minnesota Timberwolves unveiled two of their four new jerseys Thursday morning. The remaining two jerseys will be released at a later date.

credit: Minnesota Timberwolves YouTube video

Nike, who has taken over jersey operations from Adidas for the 2017-18 season and beyond, has done away with the traditional home and road uniform and has replaced them with four jerseys that can be worn both at home and on the road. Known as the Association, Icon, Athlete’s Mindset, and the Community editions, teams will now be given the opportunity to choose which jersey they wear on any given night with the home team having first dibs.

credit: http://news.nike.com/news/nike-nba-game-uniforms

The Wolves’ Association and Icon edition jerseys feature their new navy blue and “lake” blue colors prominently, which was to be expected, but the total lack of their new “aurora” green is at least a little shocking.

These two jerseys are a definite divergence from previous Wolves’ jerseys iterations. Gone are any signs of sharp angles, incredibly pointy fonts, and, most importantly, trees and in are straight lines and a rather soccer kit-like feel. While the Icon jersey gives off a certain Dallas Mavericks vibe, I think, overall, both jerseys are pretty clear upgrades. They’re not great or iconic by any means, but they could be much worse. I think they’ll grow on me once we see them on the players and as the season progresses.

More photos of the new jerseys can be found here.

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7 thoughts on “Minnesota Timberwolves Unveil Icon and Association Jerseys

  1. I sort of went off on the uniforms in the comments of the last article, but maybe they will grow on me. We needed a change. Getting rid of the ‘Halloween’ font is an important must we can now check off the list. Our last iteration of the uniforms was probably the worst in franchise history. The overly detailed Garnett era unis got cloying after a while, but were at least not boring. I really enjoy the original uniforms. We needed new uniforms badly, but it took me my surprise how boring and ‘soccery’ they look. I’m very disappointed with the lack of green trim and outlining so far. That alone would have made them much more dynamic and unique to the state. I hear ominous rumors that one of the remaining jerseys will be lime green as the primary color. But maybe I won’t hate it, given how overly safe the jerseys have been so far…

    The coolest thing about this is the new uniform system. This is a fantastic idea. It makes more variety, more color, and gives teams more choices open to them every game. Recently it seemed like the Wolves uniforms were all white or all black, home and away… really boring. We were the worst offenders on home and away monotony recently. But now almost no one can be! Instead of limiting only one team to color (the other white) every game, there will be more exciting color contrasts and more variety of combos. I know it’s nerdy, but this will add to my basketball enjoyment during the season.

    In the last comments, Finchy said, ‘HATE the Fitbit advertisement. Utterly inappropriate to have that on a professional athlete’s uniform.’ I couldn’t agree more. The one blessing is that for now the ads are small. Ours is particularly discreet. The Bucks have an orange Harley Davidson patch that looks like a stain on the Bucks fantastic uniforms. This is going to get a little weird. Could be worse is my current attitude. I really think the new unis will grow on me after the initial shock of boredom. There might be something with a little more tooth with the next ones. Wonder what the floor will look like…

  2. The font shown in the logo unveiling and replacing the dull light blue/black/grey combo with navy blue were always going to make this a significant upgrade. It’s a B-level upgrade, which works. I’m kind of surprised how much they’ve been disliked so far. The main annoying thing is the color similarity to the Mavericks, but they stopped using navy blue as their main road color years ago, and I guess teams overlap with past teams at times.

  3. Not exactly vintage Lakers or Knicks unis, I would have loved to see some green with the blue and the logo more prominently displayed, but much better than the tree trim ones and more like the original uni which is still my favorite.

  4. It may be just me, but I think the lack of green, and the plain blocking is to make sure that our eyes aren’t distracted from “FITBIT” and the nike swoosh. Let’s face it, the patches and the money involved will always get top billing over what looks best.

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