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Four Spots, Many Thoughts: Ideas for the remaining vacancies on Minnesota’s roster

It’s August 11th, and the Minnesota Timberwolves have filled just 11 fully guaranteed deals on the books, leaving them as many as four open roster spots (for all intents and purposes). This is a welcome departure from the past few seasons, when the end of the bench has been clogged with lackluster guys on rookie […]

SummerWolves 78, SummerDubs 76: Sort of Sudden Death

So, tonight I learned that after the first overtime of a Summer League game, it’s sudden death. As in, first team to score a point wins. Like, a football thing. But in basketball.

SummerWolves Weekend Recap

The SummerWolves are 2/3rds of the way through pool play at Summer League 2017 – here’s how the first two games went, plus a few overall impressions.

A Quick SummerWolves Primer

Get to know the SummerWolves

Goodbye, Ricky

Adios, el unicornio.

AWAW Draft Day Roundtable Extravaganza Spectacular!


So long, Nikola Pekovic

In a move that was a long time coming, the Minnesota Timberwolves waived center Nikola Pekovic

A Wishlist: Timberwolves Second Round Targets

Five prospects that the Wolves could be wise to target in the latter part of the NBA DRaft

To keep the pick or trade it away: an AWAW debate

We’re kicking off our draft coverage at A Wolf Among Wolves by debating not who the Wolves should take (though we will certainly get to that), but rather whether they should take anyone at all. If Thibs/Layden, LLC has the chance to flip the 7th pick (or package it with anyone not named Towns or […]

Five point three percent (a Draft Lottery preview)

5.3%. Come on, lotto balls.