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As the ball went up for the opening tip last night, the Thunder’s fate went with it. Part of their fate, anyway, if an abstract concept can be parceled out. The rest of it was in New Orleans, where the Pelicans battled the Spurs. If Anthony Davis could lead his team to victory, he’d get his first taste of the postseason. If he didn’t, Oklahoma City would reach the playoffs for the sixth consecutive time, because there was absolutely no way they were going to lose to the Minnesota Timberwolves. None.

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Editor’s note: Continuing his theme of bastardizing classic works of literature for Timberwolves recaps, William Bohl derives this entry from James Joyce’s Ulysses, particularly the final chapter, “Penelope.”

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Young Magic

These are the dog days of the NBA season for every franchise whose playoff seed or lottery fate is essentially settled. Sure, there are a handful of teams in the West scratching and clawing for home court advantage in the first round, and a few at the bottom of the East slap-fighting backwards into the 7th and 8th spots in the standings, but for everyone else, it’s a slog. Postseason-bound organizations are just trying to get healthy before the real fun begins, and everyone else is playing out the string.

Some teams, however, are accomplishing something as they kill time between now and April 15th. The Magic are one of them. Continue Reading…


- Once upon a time, I used to roll my eyes whenever a coworker would miss a day of work because their child was sick. “How often do kids really get sick?” I would wonder. “Sounds like an excuse for the parent to get out of their shift, if you ask me.” As punishment for such insolence, I’m now blessed with a one year old who gets sick ALL. THE DAMN. TIME. Monday, as I sat at the Wolves-Jazz game, my wife’s texts about our little guy’s condition got progressively sadder, beginning with “runny nose” to “feels a little warm” to “crabby as hell and won’t go to bed” to “please come home so you can take over and I can get some sleep.” The poor boy got very little shut-eye, and was only content if he was being rocked. Between the gallons of snot and loud cries shortly after I got him back in his crib, the recap didn’t get done in a timely manner. Parents, you can relate. Skeptical non-parents, karma’s a bitch. Tread lightly.

- Anyway, this happened, and chances are you’ve seen it a bunch of times already, but go ahead and watch it some more:

Same with this:

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This makes 4 of the past 6 Wolves-Rockets recaps assigned to yours truly, and if you’ve read the past ones, you probably know what I’m going to talk about. If you haven’t, they’re linked inside the next parentheses (3/20/14, 12/5/142/23/15) for your convenience. Go ahead. Reading them in full will probably take a total of 10 to 15 minutes, skimming them will take 3 to 5, and just opening them in your browser and pretending you’ve read them will help our pageview numbers go up. So go ahead.





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Note: if you have not seen or read Waiting for Godot, this might not make much sense. If you have seen or read Waiting for Godot, this still might not make much sense. But that’s the point.

talawa waiting godot

Energy Solutions Arena. A tree, one that looks much like Rudy Gobert.

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The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.

– Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus

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When a team is 14-48 and playing out the string, digging for interesting angles to write about can become rather burdensome. Such is life for the Wolves’ scribe nowadays. The novelty of Kevin Garnett’s return has worn off. The always entertaining Shabazz Muhammad, who was in the middle of a breakout year, is done for the season. Gorgui Dieng has sort of plateaued lately. Gary Neal is playing pretty well, hoping to earn a nice contract this summer, but that topic doesn’t move the needle much. It’s always fun to dive into how Andrew Wiggins is playing, but that’s been done beautifully in many places already.

Thanks to the magic of NBAwowy, I was able to find something rather intriguing. (Note: I don’t know any of the people behind that website, nor am I being compensated to plug it. I just think it’s cool as hell, and a great tool for deep dives like this.) Because Ricky Rubio sat for 42 consecutive games, we’re able to split the season into a few different segments: 1) early season with Rubio, 2) Rubio’s absence, 3) Rubio’s return. During the times Ricky’s been available, he’s been the primary point guard, and when he wasn’t, it was Mo Williams. The common thread behind the two was Zach LaVine, who made a few spot starts, but has mostly served as a backup.

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Watching the parade of personal and technical fouls that characterized Monday night’s Wolves-Clips matchup got me thinking about one of my favorite Elliott Smith covers, “Jealous Guy.” At the beginning, Smith asks the crowd, in his uniquely timid way, if there are any whistlers in the crowd. “This is your big chance,” he says, “there’s a whistle solo.” Which is basically what a Clippers game is: a chance for referees to strut their stuff as whistle soloists, because hot damn, the games take forever and their high-pitched “tweeeeet” sounds are constantly in the background. Continue Reading…


The Minnesota Timberwolves announced yesterday that they were awarded 7’0 center Justin Hamilton off of waivers from the New Orleans Pelicans. Hamilton played collegiately at Iowa State for one year before transferring to LSU before the 2011-12 season. He was selected in the 2nd round of the 2012 draft by the Philadelphia 76ers, who promptly traded his draft rights to the Miami Heat. Hamilton spent his first professional season in Croatia and Latvia before he returned to the States to make an attempt at cracking the Heat roster. Continue Reading…