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Pistons 115, Timberwolves 90: Flows and Flavors


Some nights, the Wolves’ archaic attitude toward threes doesn’t stick out as much. This was not one of those nights.

Celtics 113, Timberwolves 99: The Annual Crowdsource Recap


Like KG, I don’t really “do” the whole “second night of a back-to-back’ thing. Also, like KG, I drew some inspiration from the crowd (Twitter) to help me get through it.

Wolves 99, Kings 95: The Spectacle


Believe it or not, there was more to last night’s victory than just highlight dunks, though I’d argue those were the real stories, because hot damn, they were fun.

Building up Towns: On KAT sitting late, and other gripes


Despite the angst, despite the desperation, despite the worry, it’s important to remember that there’s time.

Jon Krawczynski: Wolves “looking to trade Kevin Martin”


Kevin Martin has been made available in trade talks – exploring what it means, what the Wolves could get for him, and what’ll happen in the meantime.

Nuggets 111, Timberwolves 108: Don’t Leave the Keys in an Unlocked Car


Leaving Kevin Martin to square off against Gallinari one-on-one is an x’s and o’s gaffe that is going to stick out for awhile.

Dusk and Twilight: Kobe and KG fade out in different ways


Kobe Bryant seems to be holding the Lakers hostage; Kevin Garnett seems to be a foul-mouthed tour guide escorting the young Timberwolves to success.

Clippers 107, Timberwolves 99: Of chance, and of real skill

elliott smith

It’s a small way to measure rebuilding success, and it might even sound like a backhanded compliment (or the product of very low expectations), but the Wolves haven’t been blown out much in their 17 games, and that’s a really good sign.

A SportVu deep dive into the Timberwolves’ young season


Over the past couple of seasons, has made Synergy Sports data more and more available in ever-increasing detail. While the numbers certainly shouldn’t be taken as Gospel, and subjective factors must always be kept in mind, it can be quite informative to jump into the advanced statistics in an attempt to learn a little […]

Grizzlies 114, Timberwolves 106: Silence at the proper season

(Photo via @Timberwolves)

What we can learn by listening instead during the quiet times…