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2016-17 Roster Review: Gorgui Dieng

It took until Year 4 for me to really appreciate everything Gorgui Dieng brings to the table. I was happy that the Wolves landed him with a Draft night deal (with Utah) back in 2013, because he showed a soft jumper and defensive upside at Louisville, but I wasn’t really sure how it was going […]

2016-17 Roster Review: Adreian Payne

A.P. seems like an alright guy. He seemed like a good teammate, and when he did play, he went all-out. He is, to be frank, just not that good at basketball.

Thunder 100, Timberwolves 98: Way to Blue

Despite his best efforts, despite his limitations, despite the fact that this was Game 81 of another season without the playoffs, you can see something when you watch Ricky Rubio: he HATES to lose. HATES it. All caps.

Lakers 110, Timberwolves 109: Whatever and Ever, Amen

Fighting the battle of who could care less.

Celtics 117, Wolves 104: Play “Let it Be,” or “Nevermind”

Ricky Rubio picked up his fourth foul (and was subbed out) with 5:38 to go in the 3rd and the Wolves down 72-71. By the time Ricky came back, with 8:00 to go in the final period, the Wolves were down 12. That was pretty much that.

Wolves 107, Clippers 91: Tyus Jones, Tyus Jones (Frank Ocean voice)

Recapping a big win at home over the Clippers, keeping the Wolves within shouting distance of the 8th spot in the West.

The Wolves should do everything they can to earn the 8th seed in the West

2004 was a long-ass time ago.

Rockets 142, Timberwolves 130: Math Lab

I feel like I’ve had every possible Wolves-Rockets recap since I started writing for A Wolf Among Wolves in the fall of 2013. Truth is, this is the 5th; they’ve met 14 times over that span. The Wolves are 2-12 overall in those games, and 0-5 in mine. Last night’s 142-130 loss was the craziest yet. […]

Timberwolves Trade Deadline Bonanza Spectacular Extravaganza!!!

Ah, yes, it’s trade deadline season. The time of year when you stare at your phone, refreshing twitter, trying to wade through the convincing fake accounts and random blather of wannabe Wojnarowskis to suss out what the hell is actually happening in the NBA. It’s the time for clearing cap space, future protected (or unprotected) […]

Wolves 112, Raptors 109: There’s a lot more to this

Last night, after the Wolves overcame a double-digit second half deficit to steal a victory from one of the league’s top ten teams, Thibs was hardly overjoyed. He was almost grumpy.