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Count your blessings

Again, Love is ours, but skepticism abounds. Here’s a few more takes on Kevin’s contract extension: Kelly Dwyer couldn’t make sense of it. Neither could Nathaniel Friedman. Then of course, we heard from the man himself. Can’t you see how ‘excited’ he is?      

Hold me close

Kevin Love just signed a four year contract for $61 millon. So he isn’t to be pitied. However, I’d like to think we can still discuss our misgivings without someone doling out cliched quips regarding men being paid to play a kid’s game. Right? Our Wolves have recently enjoyed national attention for the captivating play of […]

Jazz 108, Wolves 98: Blank Slate

It was good to see our old friends in Los Angeles. Especially since we were looking our best. The Wolves first nationally televised matchup in ages furthered a few story lines and revised a couple others. Kevin Love is indeed that good, Ricky Rubio is clearly ready for prime time, we aren’t pushovers anymore and […]

Hold heat and preach non-violence

If you’re not already, now is a good time to familiarize yourselves with our friends over at The Classical. The Awl’s David Roth, who’s penned a few wonderful pieces for us over the years. Nathaniel Friedman, formerly of Free Darko and patron saint of esoteric hoop musings. Eric Freeman, half of Yahoo!’s Ball Don’t Lie […]

Gimme some more

Something that may have gone unnoticed last night, many nights actually, is our Wolves improved defense. If any one man receives the lion’s share of credit for this, it should be our new taskmaster, Rick Adelman. However over at the mother ship, our fair leader, Henry Abbott, shines some light on who’s making a difference on […]

Bulls 111, Wolves 100: Sight beyond sight

Things almost got out of hand. In fact, they did get out of hand. Yet once again, we came barreling back. We still lost though. Much of this season will be spent articulating the subtle differences between last year’s uptempo collapses and the developments currently unfolding before us. Yet for all the excitement surrounding our […]

The Prestige

In case you missed it during your post holiday haze, Derek Bodner provided us with an excellent breakdown of Ricky Rubio over at NBA Playbook. Focusing on zee Spaniard’s transition and pick n’ roll game so far this season, we see things that may have been missed during the first thirty YouTube replays. Those savants […]

Return from exile: Wolves declare war on Texas

This is uncharted territory. Our pups aren’t supposed to defeat two Western Conference powerhouses in as many days. Those leads should’ve dwindled in the waning minutes and we should’ve been satisfied with an effort exceeding the cost of admission. Our progress was to be a slow and encouraging exercise in character development, but now we’re […]

Heat 103, Timberwolves 101: Crawl 'fore you ball

As promised, we were entertained. But with nothing to show for our efforts besides faint praise and yet another moral victory, we have to wonder if anything has actually changed. Our Wolves are still a team with enough recognizable strengths to compete with anyone. Voracious rebounding, accurate shooting and a blistering pace have been the […]

Thunder 104, Timberwolves 100: Who's the Manna?

  You’ll have to forgive me for not knowing where to start. It’s just been so long. But I suppose as good a place as any is with three minutes and sixteen seconds remaining in the first quarter. Yes, 3:16. I suppose you’ll also have to forgive the blasphemy, but I’m certainly not going to chalk […]