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NBA releases schedule; hounds to follow shortly

Our players aren’t featured on the team’s website, they can’t interact with management and now that our wunderkind has finally arrived from overseas, half the league is apparently headed from whence he came. But aren’t we excited now that the schedule is released? Well, no. Which is a shame, because it’s actually quite manageable. Only […]

Adventures in babysitting

Depending on who you ask, marijuana isn’t particularly harmful. Sure it might lead to bouts with forgetfulness and exceeding one’s weekly calorie intake in a matter of hours, but all in all, Mary Jane isn’t regarded to be the life altering substance her powdery cousins are. However it is illegal and on the list of […]

Let me tell you the story of Right Hand, Left Hand

Say what you will of David Kahn-and we will-but the man is willing to confront his detractors. This afternoon, he took to the interwebz to chat with perhaps his biggest cynic, Bill Simmons. Simmons himself has been criticized over the years for lambasting folks in print that he’s never willing to confront, so this exchange […]

End of the tunnel

Things are looking up. Again. For all of the rampant speculation and conjecture that draft week brings, the results-even if unexpected-are always satisfying. There is no more blind chatter about what we want, only lucid assessments of what we actually have. Tonight, we have improved as a basketball team. Significantly. Derrick Williams is now a […]


The stage was quite literally set. A podium, dozens of chairs and several cameras all sat in the center of an arena he’ll be expected to fill. His family sat to the right of an impressive media gathering; his newfound fans perched behind them. The cameras flashed, the mics were on, he took his seat […]

Pass the dutchie a la izquierda!

We finally have our man. Well, boy. Whatevz. Ricky Rubio’s flight from Spain arrived this afternoon, delighting a throng of fans, media and curious onlookers. The sixth Beatle smiled for the cameras, shook hands and signed autographs, before being whisked away with his family by David Kahn and Wolves PR. He will address the public […]

Ricky Rubio is now a Timberwolf

Our long local nightmare is over. Well, almost. As tweeted this evening by KFAN’s Dan Barreiro  and confirmed by the ubiquitous Adrian Worjanowski, Ricky Rubio did indeed sign a contract with the Wolves yesterday. As always, the details were filled in by Mr. Jerry Zgoda over at the Star Tribune. Rubio avoided a potential disaster […]

David Kahn writes a check

Everyone enjoys a good story. Except David Kahn. But before we go any further, let it be said that the man has a point. Abe Pollin’s widow and Dan Gilbert’s son weren’t ‘lucky’, they were pitiable. So much, in fact, that we couldn’t bear to watch life deal them another disappointment. Their tragedies were meant […]

Kurt Rambis takes a seat

First they came for the coaches. Kurt Rambis’ team finished this season on a 15 game losing streak, which save for a season opening win against the Nets, was exactly how they began the last. Everything in between merely consisted of smaller bouts with uncertainty and lethargy. He’s clashed with his star player and presides […]

Among the ashes: Timberwolves 127, Suns 135

 I honestly don’t know what to say anymore. Our pups are obviously frustrated with such a prolonged losing streak. It shows in their morose huddles, pained expressions and increasingly frequent outbursts towards each other. But they don’t make any of the necessary adjustments to rid themselves of this dark cloud. They aren’t rebuilding, they’re […]