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Candyland: Bulls 108, Timberwolves 91

Derrick Rose is a special player. How special is obviously dependent on who you ask and more importantly, what they value. Now there’s certainly no shortage of metric centric posts available to espouse or denounce his worth, so let’s just take a moment to appreciate the obvious.

Underneath the rubble

  So where does this leave us? When Rajon Rondo’s name was wiped off the locker room whiteboard, there was a sigh of relief, as the struggling Celitcs of late became slightly more beatable. But after the first quarter ended, so had any thoughts of morale lifting victories. Boston was in the midst of a […]

Animal style, expensive taste and other bad puns

Last night’s contest was close, but largely uneventful. It would be optimistic to think the return of  Darko, Wes Johnson and Martell Webster propelled us to compete with another contender, however it wouldn’t be realistic. Dirk Nowitzki was saddled with foul trouble and the Mavericks-sans Tyson Chandler and Caron Butler-struggled to score in his absence. […]

Lost Weekend: picking out the pieces

The Wolves embarked on this week’s three game road trip shorthanded, something a team so inherently fragile can ill afford to do. Sure, they had enough to stride confidently through a culture of failure in Detroit, but Philadelphia and Washington while not exponentially better, were still equipped to withstand our best efforts this weekend. The […]

Exodus: Warriors 123, Timberwolves 126

Pardon me for looking a gift horse in the mouth, but my despondence has only been slightly alleviated. Target Center’s occasionally faithful finally had something to celebrate besides a box score and as they gleefully filed towards the exits, Michael Beasley was interviewed for all to hear. The key to this afternoon’s win? “Just scoring […]

Avalanche: Hornets 95, Timberwolves 81

The novelty has worn off. For many of you it probably did some time ago, but I couldn’t help but be enthused by my friend Ben’s smiling optimism. He can be quite influential, as I’m sure you know. So even as the losses piled up, I was able to take solace in Michael Beasley’s resurgence […]

Lovelorn: Trail Blazers 95, Timberwolves 81

It’s funny how the schedule works out sometimes. Kevin Love has been engaged in a heated battle with LaMarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin for the past month over an All-Star spot. Now that he’s been named to the team, he has to face them both before Sunday’s festivities. How’s that for congratulations? Well, let’s ask […]

Up in smoke: Nuggets 113, Wolves 100

The Denver Nuggets have been an impressive collection of talent for quite some time. Carmelo Anthony remains one of the league’s premier scorers, Nene’s reliability is criminally underrated and J.R. Smith-the very personification of this volatile unit-is dynamite in sneakers; wildly unstable, yet effectively explosive. Unfortunately, the same carefree demeanor that’s allowed them to fill […]

Love conquers all and other cliches: All Star Edition

Maybe this will help lift Ben’s spirits? Justice has been served and Kevin Love is officially an All Star. Der Komissar delivered the good news before last night’s tilt versus the Raptors and the STrib’s Jerry Zgoda was kind enough to spread the word: Rambis stopped Martin from starting his scouting report and told everyone […]

All of the Lights: Kevin Love's All Star bid

It was just another Tuesday night in Los Angeles. The Lakers and Rockets were engaged in a mildly entertaining matchup and we were all probably searching for something better to watch while they delayed the inevitable. But those who couldn’t find the remote were treated to a noteworthy showing from Lamar Odom. As it has […]