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Timberwolves 101, Kings 91: Looking for the cliff

When is it safe to think good things are happening with the Wolves?

Timberwolves 103, Heat 91: Shaking puppies in a box

Andrew Wiggins will try to dunk on anybody and it can change the complexion of the game.

Pacers 107, Timberwolves 103: Hypnic jerk

Ricky Rubio sitting out, Zach LaVine as a point guard, going under screens, and hypnic jerks? It’s a Wolves’ “game recap.”

Glen Taylor is looking to sell a minority stake in the franchise

A little bit of info on the potential minority share transaction involving Glen Taylor and Steve Kaplan.

I don’t know that Kevin Garnett should be allowed to look after puppies

What does KG do with puppies?

Timberwolves 102, Bulls 93: More like 0-fertime, AMIRITE?

Andrew Wiggins, Ricky Rubio, and Karl-Anthony Towns keep the Wolves perfect on the road.

Locker room hype video Wolves players were shown before home opener

This is the video the Wolves’ players were shown in the locker room prior to the home opener.

Incredible tribute to Flip Saunders by the Wolves

The Wolves pay tribute to Flip Saunders at the home opener.

Timberwolves 95, Denver 78: We don’t need an #OkaforWatch

Karl-Anthony Towns played like a star in just his second game as the Wolves beat the Nuggets.

AWAW Roundtable: What’s the deal with our predictions?

We made predictions earlier in the week, and now we’re judging our predictions. Join us in a roundtable?