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Despite much searching, I wasn’t able to catch Friday night’s preseason loss to the Pacers in Indiana, bringing to mind that old Buddhist paradox: if the Wolves lose in the preseason and I can’t watch it on TV, does it make a sound? Apparently it did, because our friends at 8 Points 9 Seconds have a nice little summary of the decisive action:

An early lead dwindled to 1 by the end of the 1st, then became a double digit deficit after Minnesota hung a 13-2 run on the Pacers to start the second. The teams went to the half with Minny up 11, but that was quickly erased as the Pacer starters (playing against the Minnesota bench) scored the first 10 points of the third.

The T-Wolves pushed it back to 6-to-8 points, and held that lead for the rest of the quarter, entering the 4th with a 7-point cushion. Trailing by 7 with just over 10 minutes left, a unit led by the backcourt of  Ben Hansbrough and Gerald Green rattled of 19 straight points to give the Pacers the lead for good. Hansbrough, who finished the game with 10 points, collected 4 of his 7 assists during the 4-minute stretch, while Green scored 5 points and dished an assist. The big man tandem of Miles Plumlee and Jeff Pendergraph combined for 10 points and 4 rebounds, and fun was had by all.

Ah yes, the dreaded Hansbrough/Green/Plumlee/Pendergraph quartet. Here are some other things you should know:

  • Kevin Love played 12 minutes; Brandon Roy played 8 minutes; Big Pek played 12; JJ Barea played 16; Luke Ridnour, Andrei Kirilenko, Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert and George Hill did not play. Thus the decidedly D/Summer League flavor of the box score.
  • Derrick Williams did play, though. He played a lot: 38 minutes to be exact, scoring 25 points on 9 of 19 shooting. Here’s what Rick Adelman had to say about that (via the Star Tribune):

I thought [Williams] played pretty good…What I liked about him was he made two or three efforts. He’d go to the basket, they’d bother him and he’d go right up and get it. That’s good to see. … If he plays that hard all the time at both ends, that’s a completely different circumstance for him.

This is amazing news for the Wolves. An aggressive, efficient Derrick Williams could make the difference between the Wolves remaining an oddly formed curiosity and a legitimately threatening team. Keep doing this, please.

  • Look at the ridiculous stuff Gerald Green was doing to the Wolves. And it even looks like Shved was sticking him pretty hard on some of those. Man Pacers fans, get ready for an amazing ride.

Don’t have much time for today’s preview, so just remember what I said in the game recap for the first game against the Pacers and then assume that I was going to gush about Ricky Rubio’s awesomeness and Nikola Pekovic’s strength.

We do have a 3-on-3 today though. I asked Steve McPherson of AWolfAmongWolves fame and Noam Schiller of Hardwood Paroxysm and Hapoel Jerusalem fame to answer some questions about the state of the Timberwolves, fan favorites and how to drink in these preseason results.  Continue Reading…

It wasn’t a pretty preseason opener in many ways, but the Wolves got to debut some new faces and beat up on an incomplete Pacers team for the victory.

Between the poor 3-point shooting, the grainy Fargo television feed coming through NBA League Pass, lots of turnovers, and a lot of missed free throws, it would have been pretty easy to want to look away from our first glimpse at what the Wolves have to offer this year. Plus, D.J. Augustin was the main point guard for Indiana due to George Hill sitting out and nobody wants to watch him play starter’s minutes. However, we got to watch Wolves basketball once again and it was pretty fun to see the new direction the team is going.

I’m not going to try to find an overarching storyline with a preseason game and look for how it affects the team moving forward. It’s preseason after all. So let’s just try to look at what each individual player did and file it away for later use.  Continue Reading…

Whoooooaaaaaaaaaaa Nellie! Basketball is almost back. I mean… it’s not real basketball; it’s preseason basketball. But we get to finally get a glimpse into what the Minnesota Timberwolves have been doing with themselves during the offseason and first week of training camp.

This season on A Wolf Among Wolves (or AWAW as the kids say), we’ll try to have a brief game day preview taking from the 5-on-5 model. We’ll be going with a 3-on-3 look with either myself, Ben and Steve or two of us and a guest or one of us and two guests. Basically, it will be some combination of three people and three questions about the incoming opponent or what we are looking for in the upcoming game. Or maybe we’ll just talk movies.

For tonight’s preseason opener in Fargo, I’ve assembled the trio of myself and two bloggers from the fantastic TrueHoop Pacers blog Jared Wade and Tim Donahue were kind enough to share their thoughts on Lou Amundson, a key matchup if this game mattered, and the Granger-Love scuffle.

3on3_truehoopnetwork_110Without further ado, let’s talk some Wolves-Pacers.  Continue Reading…