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Timberwolves 91, Pacers 96: Williams shines, everyboy sits

Despite much searching, I wasn’t able to catch Friday night’s preseason loss to the Pacers in Indiana, bringing to mind that old Buddhist paradox: if the Wolves lose in the preseason and I can’t watch it on TV, does it make a sound? Apparently it did, because our friends at 8 Points 9 Seconds have […]

Preseason Game Two Preview: Wolves vs Pacers in Hoosierville

Don’t have much time for today’s preview, so just remember what I said in the game recap for the first game against the Pacers and then assume that I was going to gush about Ricky Rubio’s awesomeness and Nikola Pekovic’s strength. We do have a 3-on-3 today though. I asked Steve McPherson of AWolfAmongWolves fame […]

Wolves 84, Pacers 70: Hello, new friends

It wasn’t a pretty preseason opener in many ways, but the Wolves got to debut some new faces and beat up on an incomplete Pacers team for the victory. Between the poor 3-point shooting, the grainy Fargo television feed coming through NBA League Pass, lots of turnovers, and a lot of missed free throws, it […]

Preseason Game One Preview: Wolves vs Pacers in Fargo

Whoooooaaaaaaaaaaa Nellie! Basketball is almost back. I mean… it’s not real basketball; it’s preseason basketball. But we get to finally get a glimpse into what the Minnesota Timberwolves have been doing with themselves during the offseason and first week of training camp. This season on A Wolf Among Wolves (or AWAW as the kids say), we’ll […]