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Wolves and Bucks has high potential to be FUN!

So much high jumping.

A Quick Wolves-Sixers Preview: Towns, Okafor quickly earning their place

Both Towns and Okafor have lived up to all their hype thus far.

The Drummond-Towns (Pistons-Wolves) matchup could be a lot of fun tonight

The Pistons come into Minneapolis to face the Timberwolves tonight, and the matchup inside is the one to watch for.

Wolves at Celtics: A Preview Conversation

In preparation for tonight’s game in Boston, I had a chat with SB Nation’s Celtics Blog writer Dustin Chapman, a guy I’ve talked basketball with for a long, long time. Click here to follow him on Twitter. We talked about the Rondo trade, key matchups, and discussed Pek vs Vitor in a battle of the […]

The pressure of learning when you should win

The Minnesota Timberwolves are a good team. This is fun to say. This is also weird to say. Last season, we were enjoying an incredible ride for the first 41.98 games of the campaign. Kevin Love was playing like an MVP candidate (remember when Wolves fans still liked him?), Nikola Pekovic was emerging as the […]

Game 11 Preview: Wolves at Blazers in the Rose Garden

Good to have you back, sir. I’m still trying to parse my thoughts on his surprise return and what it means for the team. I think we’re in for some awkwardness over this road stretch. The Wolves will basically have one practice in between about four games. There isn’t a ton of opportunity to get […]

Game Eight Preview: Bobcats at Wolves in the Target Center

The rosters don’t look similar and it’s only a couple weeks into the season so take this in the spirit that it’s intended, but this Bobcats team reminds me a lot of the way the Timberwolves played last year. After so much mediocrity, the Wolves became a scrappy bunch that played an exciting brand of […]

Game Seven Preview: Wolves at Mavs in the American Airlines Center

Here we are — two peas in a pod. Both the Dallas Mavericks and Minnesota Timberwolves have been survivors through the first two weeks of the NBA season. We both lost our star power forwards for about a month to start the season. They’ve lost Shawn Marion after a hot start; we’ve lost Chase Budinger, […]

Game Six Preview: Wolves at Bulls

Welcome to the NBA everybody. You gut out a thrilling victory in a grueling game against one of the league’s most intense, physical teams. You expend copious energy, both physical and emotional. Then you get on a plane and do it all again the next night. Of course, while the Pacers are a well-coached, defensively […]

Game Five Preview: Pacers at Wolves in the Target Center

Mike Brown ruined my day and I forgot about this preview. Well, I guess Mike Brown didn’t ruin my day. It was more the Lakers’ fault. When Brown got fired, I was prepared to post this preview, head to the gym, and keep the revolution moving on in Assassin’s Creed III after I played some […]