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The record books are tainted

I was going through the Synergy breakdown of Friday night’s game and I found something very troubling. I couldn’t find a sweet little behind the back bounce pass from Ricky Rubio to Kevin Love near the end of the third quarter that sent a quiver up my spine. I remember freaking out about it in the […]

Kevin Love will rebound better than your favorite sumo wrestler

Pretty awesome episode of Sports Science showing the physiology of Kevin Love under the boards. We watch him grab rebound after rebound every night, but it would probably behoove us to watch more of the action with him before he grabs the rebound than watching the ball. The amount of force and pressure his body […]

Lazar Hayward traded to Oklahoma City

Timberwolves have announced that Lazar Hayward is no longer on the team. They acquired Robert Vaden and two future second round picks for Hayward and then promptly waived Robert Vaden. Now the Wolves can sign JJ Barea without having to amnesty anybody and pick up a couple second round picks in the process. Not bad, […]

Free agency begins at 1pm CT today… so what should we do?

Our beloved Timberwolves are back in the saddle/Iditarod sled of shaping the roster and preparing for another hopeful season. And while it seems like this team is set with 13 players under contract and still two rookies (Derrick Williams and Malcolm Lee), the T’Pups remain heavily involved in the free agent sweepstakes. From what we’ve […]

Ricky Rubio is available to the media… "What the hell?"

I defy you to watch this video and not fall in love with this guy. DEFY YOU, I SAY! Couple things I took away from this brief interview: – Jump shot motion looks so much smoother and efficient. Now, that could completely go away when he gets into game action, but he talked about working […]

Bill Spooner vs. The World

NBA referee Bill Spooner is suing AP writer Jon Krawczynski due to a tweet during a January 24th game between our beloved Minnesota Timberwolves and the Houston Rockets. Why is a referee suing a writer? Well, apparently Bill Spooner didn’t like a “defamatory accusation of game fixing” that came in tweet form from Krawczynski during […]

If Nikola Pekovic was a dentist…

I think it would go a little something like this. Our own Myles Brown tipped me off to the fact that if Pek wasn’t going to be a basketball player, he would have been a dentist. That’s all kinds of awesome. Also, credit to Myles for the idea of Darko being his dental assistant. Share […]

Wolves Vision – a.k.a. The B-Easy Show

This started out as the Wolves showing off their alternate black jerseys for tonight’s game against the Pistons. It quickly turned into Mike Beasley everything. Appearing on this B-Easy episode are Martell Webster, Wes Johnson, Kurt Rambis, Kevin Love and some more Wes Johnson. Enjoy: Share this because Rubio would pass this along:

From the Wolves: Investigative Report – The Awkward Handshake

The Wolves are currently leading the NBA in fantastic videos poking fun at themselves. This was a joy to watch. Share this because Rubio would pass this along:

Team Chemistry Is Still Something The Wolves Are Working On

Wes Johnson and Kevin Love are new teammates. Things are not always going to click. But they seem to be willing to work through the awkwardness and eventually do what they need to do to be better teammates. (Via – Guyism) You guys will get it eventually. Keep working. Share this because Rubio would pass […]