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I defy you to watch this video and not fall in love with this guy.


Couple things I took away from this brief interview:

– Jump shot motion looks so much smoother and efficient. Now, that could completely go away when he gets into game action, but he talked about working on it and making progress. I believe him that he’s making progress because he seems incapable of lying.
– Beasley briefly caught chastising Ricky’s shoes? That was a quick shot and hilarious.
– Worries me a bit that the first three “talented” players Ricky mentioned from this off-season are Nick Young, Derek Fisher and Chauncey Billups. I’ll just blame it on being unfamiliar with the language. Maybe “Nick Young” translates to “Kevin Durant” in Spanish?
– He seems a lot more comfortable with talking to the media than we’ve seen and than what I expected from him.

Media Day is on Friday. CBA gets ratified within the next day. We’re 10 days away from preseason action.

Missed you so much, Wolves.

NBA referee Bill Spooner is suing AP writer Jon Krawczynski due to a tweet during a January 24th game between our beloved Minnesota Timberwolves and the Houston Rockets.

Why is a referee suing a writer? Well, apparently Bill Spooner didn’t like a “defamatory accusation of game fixing” that came in tweet form from Krawczynski during the second quarter of the game.

At the time, Anthony Tolliver was whistled for a foul with 10:22 left in the second quarter. Kurt Rambis vehemently disagreed with Bill Spooner, who made the call, and they had a brief verbal exchange. Spooner, being the diligent referee that he is said he would review the call at halftime to see if it was correct or not. Kurt Rambis was curious how he would get those two points back.

According to Krawczynski’s allegedly unfair and damning tweet, “Ref Bill Spooner told Rambis he’d “get it back” after a bad call. Then he made an even worse call on Rockets. That’s NBA officiating folks.”

Scott Schroeder of SB Nation fame did some investigative work and went over the play-by-play to see if there was any evidence to the idea of the makeup call being made. He found that Patrick Patterson was whistled for two fouls within 40 seconds of the alleged makeup promise.

I decided to review the tape of the game, thanks to Synergy sports.

First, here is the original Bill Spooner call that got Rambis upset.

The call is clearly egregious against Anthony Tolliver. He literally stood there while Aaron Brooks tried to use him for a boost in an attempt to change a light bulb or reach something off the top shelf or snag a third fly in Three Flies Up during some summer fun. Whatever Brooks was doing, it wasn’t drawing a foul against Anthony Tolliver.

Patrick Patterson was then called for a moving screen with 9:56 left in the second quarter. However, the call was made by Violet Palmer and not Bill Spooner.

Roughly ten seconds later, Bill Spooner whistled Patrick Patterson for another foul when he bumped Wesley Johnson coming across the lane. Here is video of the call:

This looks like a very legit call by Spooner. Patterson clearly impedes Wes’ progress in an unnatural manner and commits the obvious foul.

A few seconds later, the Wolves get another foul call in their favor. Jonny Flynn takes a bounce pass from Tolliver and drives to the basket. He gets fouled by Aaron Brooks on the play. Take a look at the video:

The two things I took from watching this play, especially with the replay at the end, were that 1) Bill Spooner made the call very far away from the play and 2) the call was correct. Brooks swipes down on Flynn and gets him in the face and on the arms. What’s odd about it is that Spooner makes the call from almost the other side of the court. Normally, the two closer officials would blow the whistle.

It actually shouldn’t matter that Spooner made the call from seemingly out of position since it was the correct call. He didn’t fabricate contact in his mind by any means.

I have no idea if what Krawczynski’s tweet is accurate or not because I wasn’t there. I’m sure Kurt Rambis could be called in as a witness or any of the people sitting in that vicinity to confirm or deny the validity of that statement.

What I know for sure is Spooner made three foul calls in the span of 40 seconds. The first one was a terrible call that hopefully he reviewed and felt embarrassed about. Then he may or may not have promised a makeup call in some way before making two more foul calls almost immediately. However, the ensuing foul calls against Patterson and Brooks seem like obvious and correct calls.

I can’t figure out if I’m on the defense or plaintiff side here (I never really watched a ton of “L.A. Law”), but regardless I rest my case.

I think it would go a little something like this.

Our own Myles Brown tipped me off to the fact that if Pek wasn’t going to be a basketball player, he would have been a dentist. That’s all kinds of awesome.

Also, credit to Myles for the idea of Darko being his dental assistant.

This started out as the Wolves showing off their alternate black jerseys for tonight’s game against the Pistons.

It quickly turned into Mike Beasley everything.

Appearing on this B-Easy episode are Martell Webster, Wes Johnson, Kurt Rambis, Kevin Love and some more Wes Johnson. Enjoy:

The Wolves are currently leading the NBA in fantastic videos poking fun at themselves.

This was a joy to watch.

Wes Johnson and Kevin Love are new teammates. Things are not always going to click.

But they seem to be willing to work through the awkwardness and eventually do what they need to do to be better teammates.
(Via – Guyism)

You guys will get it eventually. Keep working.

It was nice of Luther Head to give Wes Johnson a kind greeting into the league.

After a turnover in the second quarter against the Kings, Sebastian Telfair  did his Through The Fire thing by throwing a pass that probably looked better in his mind than in reality to a streaking Wesley Johnson on the break. Wes did the rest:

What kills me about the reaction to the dunk is Wes seems like the nicest guy in the world. The mean streak face he exhibits after the dunk is sort of hilarious. I love seeing a guy like that be impressed by his own athletic accomplishment.

I still contend that DeMarcus Cousins should have been the pick at #4 but I’m glad the Wolves got a guy like Wes Johnson in the draft. I don’t care if he becomes a perennial All-Star or not. He’s just the type of guy who is fun to have on your team and watch him develop, no matter what his ceiling ends up being.

It’s like Mark Madsen only with basketball skill and fun plays.

Welcome to the league, kid.

The Timberwolves have new uniforms!

Well, they kind of have new uniforms. It’s really just last year’s unis but they’ve been altered to look less like the stuff you’d see when you move the Jacksonville Jaguars to Mexico City in Madden 11. Check out the differences from last year to this year.

I actually really like the subtle touches they’ve done here. Taking the green out is good and the numbers look much better. It looks like a Wolf no longer stenciled this stuff out.

Nice part of the unveiling was they got future (fingers crossed!) Wolves Ricky Rubio and Harrison Barnes to model the new jerseys and shorts:

I haven’t been this excited since the new phone books arrived.

If there were random doves flying all over the place during this video, I would have sworn John Woo was making basketball mixtapes now.

(via Ball In Europe)

That was pretty nice. I liked that Ricky seemed to have a bit of an attitude in some of these highlights. It’s like he was trying to embarrass the Lithuanians as he destroyed them. I also love the pestering defense. It will be much harder to do that in the NBA with quicker, stronger guards but he still will be a good defender.

The next month is going to be fun watching him perform against the rest of the world.