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Puppy Breath and… Nutmeg?

In last night’s Rising Stars game, Ricky Rubio put on a passing display that had the internets a blazing. He also went 5-hole against DeMarcus Cousins before finding Blake Griffin on the alley-oop. Big ups to Derrick Williams for not trying to Greg Monroe the end of this play. There was also this pass to […]

Michael Beasley shows out

The Wolves debuted this video the other night at the Target Center during the game against Philadelphia. It was during a timeout when this hit the jumbotron. Everybody seemed to be enjoying the singing of the various Wolves players, ironically or not. Then it got to Beas’ part and it was the  awkward extended stay […]

Wolves in Motion: Getting Kevin Love easy buckets against the Rockets

The Wolves got Kevin Love a couple of easy baskets against the Houston Rockets during their fourth and final meeting of the season by finding ways to get him moving across the lane and into the strong side of the floor. I thought I’d examine a couple of plays by breaking down how they developed […]

Overflowing with puppy breath and cinnamon

This happened in the win over the Rockets and it definitely deserves its own post. Can’t stop watching. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun watching a guy on this team.

Derrick Williams to participate in the 2012 dunk contest

From Marc Spears, Derrick Williams will join Chase Budinger, Paul George and Iman Shumpert in the dunk contest on February 25th. Maybe he can bring Derrick Brown D.J. White out as a prop?

The last thing you'll ever need

This is the in-game, jumbotron video from the game “Where in the world is Nikola Pekovic? in all of its glory.

Wolves 93, Pistons 85: It's time to galvanize

Potential is stupid. I have discussions with basketball fans every night on the Daily Dime Live chat on and every night I read comments about how good several young prospects in the league are going to be. There’s nothing wrong with being excited about what could happen in the future. As a Wolves fan, […]

Brandon, I know… I can't believe how good he is either…

The recap will be up in a few hours, but I wanted to get this Rubio highlight up. Third quarter: Rubio drives into the lane, wraps the ball around his waist like a hula hoop and wows everybody in the building. Apparently, even Brandon Knight can’t believe the move.

The record books are tainted

I was going through the Synergy breakdown of Friday night’s game and I found something very troubling. I couldn’t find a sweet little behind the back bounce pass from Ricky Rubio to Kevin Love near the end of the third quarter that sent a quiver up my spine. I remember freaking out about it in the […]

Kevin Love will rebound better than your favorite sumo wrestler

Pretty awesome episode of Sports Science showing the physiology of Kevin Love under the boards. We watch him grab rebound after rebound every night, but it would probably behoove us to watch more of the action with him before he grabs the rebound than watching the ball. The amount of force and pressure his body […]