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WELP. Wolves announce Chase Budinger has a lateral meniscus tear in his injured knee and will have surgery later this week. There is no time table set for his return yet. Full press release:

The Minnesota Timberwolves today announced that forward Chase Budinger suffered a lateral meniscus tear of his left knee during yesterday’s game at Chicago. Budinger suffered the injury at the 6:00 mark of the fourth quarter in Minnesota’s 87-80 loss to the Bulls. Surgery will be scheduled later this week. A timetable for his return will be determined after the surgery.

Budinger is averaging 11.8 points and 3.5 rebounds in six games for the Wolves this season. He was acquired by Minnesota in a trade with Houston on June 26, 2012.

Well, this sucks.

For what it’s worth, Tyrus Thomas had this injury late January of 2011 and was out from January 20th until March 11th. That doesn’t mean a whole lot with Chase but it does give us a decent idea of how long he could be out. The tricky part is if the surgeon will have to cut away torn meniscus or try to repair it. Trying to repair it will probably mean he’s out closer to two months than six weeks. Either way, we’re not seeing Chase again until the new year. That is if the Mayans don’t eliminate the Wolves in December.

Here’s the play Chase got hurt on:

JJ Barea has been warned by the NBA for a flop against the Sacramento Kings. Jimmer Fredette was dribbling toward the right side of the floor, put his forearm up to clear space from Barea, and was whistled for the foul as Barea snapped his head back.

This is what I like to call “JJ Barea’s Three-Card Monte.” He does this pretty much every game and it usually works in drawing a foul against his opponent. I don’t know that they’re often as fabricated as this one, but it does happen. Either he tricks his opponent into raising their forearm into him and he takes the contact, or he makes it look like they do. Either way, it happens a lot.

Next one for JJ will result in a $5,000 fine from the league office. If Barea does this once a game for all 82 games, it will cost him just over $400,000 of his $4 million salary this season. He didn’t get a chance to do it against the Raptors, but he can make up for that tonight against the bigger Deron Williams.

If you look at that play slowly, it almost looks like Barea brings his arm up into Jimmer’s raised arm and forces Jimmer’s hand near his face. Is that close to the self-flop seen on this play?

Not quite there but it’s close.

Also, it looks like Barea is likely to play tonight. According to Jerry Zgoda, he went through the concussion tests and thinks it “looks good.” Good to know he’s okay and not feeling any ill effects from the collision last night.

I’d like to talk to you about a serious pandemic that is hurting this great planet we inhabit.

It’s called Knuckle Pushup Prehensile Fracture Disorder, or KPPFD. KPPFD literally affects dozen of power forwards each year, crippling their hands for month at a time. The key to battling KPPFD is to make sure workouts for star athletes are being done in a safe and secured environment. You want to have a soft floor of carpeting or a yoga mat to soften the force affecting the carpal bones in your hands. If not done properly, you can suffer from KPPFD and send thousands of fans into a panic.

We have not found a cure for KPPFD but with even a donation of just $15 million per year, we can support those who suffer.

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Well, that’s good news. Apparently Kevin Love was doing knuckle push-ups with his trainer in his condo and that’s how he broke his hand. No word yet on whether or not he had JJ Barea on his back while he did them.

If Kevin Love misses six weeks from today, he’ll be back for the game against Milwaukee on November 30th. If he’s out just five weeks, he’ll be back for the Blazers showdown on November 23rd. This would mean he’ll miss roughly 10 to 14 games or 12-17% of the regular season. That sounds a lot better than everybody thinking he’d be back in mid-December.

So while it’s not good news still, it’s definitely not the Lovepocalypse many of us had feared yesterday when the news came down.


UPDATE: Statement released by the team isn’t the same time table as Woj’s source. Now I’m just confused.

Minneapolis/St. Paul – Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love was examined today by hand specialist Dr. Andy Weiland of the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York for further evaluation of the fracture of the third and fourth metacarpal in his right hand. The evaluation revealed that surgery will not be required on his hand and confirmed that his expected return will be in 6-8 weeks.

The following is a statement from Wolves Kevin Love regarding his injury:

“Yesterday, I had a post-practice commitment and decided to work out at my home with my personal trainer before heading to Target Center. While doing various pushups, including knuckle pushups, which are part of my regular workout routine, I hurt my hand. I immediately knew something was wrong and called head athletic trainer Gregg Farnam.

“Although I’m disappointed that this injury happened, I will work extremely hard to stay in shape and return to the court as quickly as possible. We have added a lot of depth to our roster this season, and I have complete confidence in my teammates and coaching staff that they will step up and we will be successful during this time. I’m looking forward to supporting our team and helping out any way I can until I get back on the court.”

Mark Remme of tweeted this afternoon a photo of Ricky Rubio running during the Wolves’ practice.

Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 2.04.48 PM

With Ricky running now and eventually starting up some light basketball drills, we should be able to find out just how realistic our dreams of a late December return as a Christmas present to us really is.

Poor Robbie Hummel. Torn meniscus isn’t that bad of an injury and he should be back in about a month, but I do feel bad for someone that keeps getting setbacks every time he’s moving forward with his career.

It’s not nearly as bad as him tearing his ACL multiple times, which is good. I just hope he’s able to move on from this injury and get a good season in with Blu:sens Monbús in Liga ACB in Spain. If he can be healthy, Hummel definitely can play in the NBA. With guys like Steve Novak and James Jones making long careers for themselves by shooting the ball from outside, it’s hard to imagine Hummel can’t find a role.

Hoping for a speedy recovery for Robbie, and that we get a chance to see him on an international court real soon.

We’re all wondering when Ricky Rubio will be back for the Timberwolves to throw inspirational bounce passes back into our collective hearts.

It’s pretty improbable that he’d be back for the start of the regular season, considering he hasn’t started doing many exercises with heavy impact (i.e. – running and basketball related workouts/drills). That would have put him just under eight months from the injury in a rehabilitation window that usually spans anywhere from six to twelve months.

Charley Walters recently talked to Glen Taylor about Ricky’s recover and Taylor had this to say (via ProBasketballTalk):

“The doctors said he was progressing faster than normal, and normal was supposed to be in January,” Taylor said Tuesday, Aug. 14, a day before heading to China on a two-week charity mission. “Faster than normal would be December. He’s going to start running and stuff in a few weeks.”

I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again. Just about everybody with a knee injury as severe as this one is ahead of schedule before they do impact exercises. When those begin, we start to see just what the actual schedule for returning to the court is. But that doesn’t mean Ricky won’t be back before the new year is born.

My guess on the schedule would be December 20th for his 2012-13 debut. That’s the first big time nationally televised game for the Wolves, when they face the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Target Center on TNT. It’s late enough into December to be a realistic return date, and would generate an immense amount of buzz for the team and the telecast.

Of course, that’s just a guess on my part. Perhaps he’ll be back sooner or maybe they’ll be cautious with him and keep him out until January. I know there seems to be a lot of pressure to win now and make the playoffs this year, but I’d rather see him fully recovered and continue to be handled in a responsible manner over rushing him back to the court to feel better about the Wolves chances this season.

Until then, we have the YouTube machine:

35 minutes per game, huh?

Brandon Roy mentioned his goal was to become a 35-minute per game player and Twitter seemingly exploded with incredulity. Personally, I didn’t get what the reaction was because it seemed like he was pretty clear in how he shaded the situation:

“I think, even before I had any knee problems in the NBA, me and coach would always sit down and talk about minutes. It’s a long season and you want guys to be fresher down the stretch. I’m sure it’s something that me and coach will talk about. My goal is, yeah, I would still love to be around that 35 minute mark. Really, whatever the team needs. I don’t want those situations where coach has to say, ‘We’re in a tough game but you’re at your minute limit.’ That was something I had to deal with in my last season in Portland. That was really hard. Physically I feel good. I want to play as much as possible but at the same time be smart because it’s a long season and we want to be at our best down the stretch.”

Sometimes people hear numbers given as goals and latch onto those numbers. We’ve become less about comprehending the context of what someone says and would much rather misquote them. Maybe it all stemmed from Charles Barkley being misquoted in his autobiography, maybe it’s the product of an ever deteriorating education system in this country, or maybe people were always like this and it’s just more prevalent now because we have much more communication on a global scale. Whatever the reasoning is, we often freak out over things out of context.  Continue Reading…

When I saw there was a Ricky Rubio rehab video, I expected it to be something like this.

Alas, it is not so. Wolves put together a nice look at the work Ricky has been doing to get his knee back to strength after the tear against the Lakers. It’s one thing to see the workouts that are bringing him back, but I enjoyed hearing Rubio’s mental state with the process and how hard it is to think about when you’re back playing. I also really found Wolves’ physical trainer Andre Deloya’s thoughts about how making things goal-oriented for Ricky fascinating.

Instead of getting back to playing regular season games as the big goal, breaking it down into much smaller goals that come right away definitely help with the mental fatigue that can set in from this rehab process.

Now please stop showing the actual injury itself.

(H/T – The Basketball Post)


From the Wolves:

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love suffered a mild concussion and neck strain in last night’s game at Denver, and stayed overnight at a hospital for precautionary reasons. After further evaluation today, Love’s diagnosis remains unchanged and he has been cleared to return to Minneapolis. He will not play in tonight’s game vs. the L.A. Clippers. In the upcoming days, Love will be further evaluated by the Timberwolves medical staff, and an update to his status will be provided when warranted.

As Zach describes on Truehoop today, even mild concussions are serious. Still, its good to hear that Love’s injury is not more serious than that.