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In the wee hours of Sunday morning, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports dropped one of his patented “bombs“, which is usually fun, because he (often unexpectedly) reports a big piece of league news. But in this instance, for Timberwolves fans, the Woj-bomb was more of a vague reference to a landmine somewhere along Flip Saunders’ path, which wasn’t much fun to wake up to. Continue Reading…



The Minnesota Timberwolves passed out this awesome infographic Monday morning on how ridiculous of a month Kevin Love had for this team. Considering much of that was down two starters, Love saw much more attention from the defense and still managed to pour in some historic numbers while keeping the Wolves as competitive as he could.  Continue Reading…

Who knows if this is a Cedric Ceballos type of blindfold attempt or if he actually can’t see, but either way knocking down 3-pointers with cloth covering your eyes is still impressive.

Kevin Love promoting the All-Star Game in this way is pretty awesome. Let’s get him back into the 3-point contest so he can reclaim his crown.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are trying to get Kevin Love to the All-Star Game as a starter, after being just a mere 22,000 votes behind Los Angeles Clippers’ power forward Blake Griffin from the last voting returns.

In terms of individual credentials, it’s hard to find someone more deserving in the Western Conference not named Kevin Durant. Love is currently second in the NBA in scoring (26.4 per game), second in rebounding (13.3 per game), first in assists for power forwards (4.3 per game), fifth in free throw attempts (7.7 per game), eighth in 3-pointers made, and first in awesome outlet passes (a lot). In comparing his stats to Griffin’s, Love blows him away in almost every category.

However, Griffin is doing what he’s doing for a much better team. The Clippers are 24-13, 5.5 games ahead of the Wolves right now. Griffin is also in a much bigger market and is more popular, giving him a decided advantage in garnering votes. Wolves are asking fans to tweet, “Kevin Love #NBABallot” in addition to posting in on Facebook, Instagram, iCarrierPigeon, texting, stalking the league office, and whatever avenues might get Love to the All-Star Game in New Orleans as a starter.

Regardless of whether or not he starts, he’ll definitely make the West roster and represent the Wolves.

Kevin Love got his own This Is SportsCenter commercial as the barista who makes the best double-double espressos.

Stan Verrett is pumped about it!

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Welp, here’s the news with Kevin Love that we already know.

The Minnesota Timberwolves today announced that after an examination by Dr. Andy Weiland, a hand specialist at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, forward Kevin Love will require surgery to repair the third and fourth metacarpal in his right hand. He injured his hand during the third quarter of the Jan. 3 game at Denver.

Details of the surgery expected to be announced tomorrow. Love is expected to be sidelined for 8-10 weeks.

So now what? The Wolves will fight; we know that about them. This is arguably the most talented roster from top to bottom this franchise has ever seen. I don’t know if that says more about this roster or it says more about this franchise, but it would be a pretty good argument to have if you said this is 1 through 15 the best Minnesota has seen.  Continue Reading…

Love Now

The man in the picture above is Corey Brewer. The man to his left and your right is Kevin Love.

Kevin Love is someone that people have opinions about and those opinions have been well discussed ever since Adrian Wojnarowski wrote a thing. With every poor game, the criticism ramps up and becomes suffocating within the conversation of what this team is, what they need to do, and what they do best. The weird thing to me in this entire ordeal about Kevin Love is I feel like I’ve been painted into a corner as a Kevin Love apologist. Well, actually I have become a Kevin Love apologist.

The main reason for this is I feel like I understand why he’s struggling so much. People want to claim it’s unhappiness with the team or a lack of effort or he doesn’t care or he’s pouting or he’s actually a spy sent from the Los Angeles Lakers to sabotage any chance of the team’s old city building themselves up into a contender (RUMOR: Troy Hudson was previous Lakers spy). But really, I think there are very reasonable explanations for why Love has struggled so much.  Continue Reading…




From the T’Wolves PR Twitter account, Kevin Love’s eye injury sustained against the Oklahoma City Thunder Thursday night will keep him out of Sunday’s game against the New York Knicks. He’s also not flying to New York with the team.

Here’s video of the eye injury when it happened with just under two minutes remaining in the game.

Russell Westbrook definitely gets him in the left eye (you can see it best from the above angle). After the game, he said he hadn’t had it checked out yet by the medical and training staff before he talked to reporters in the locker room but was planning on doing so. Looking at his eye after the game, it looked like that map of the infection in the movie Outbreak when they’re showing how the red/affected areas (the disease) on the map spreads after 48 hours then 72 hours then a couple of weeks. Love’s eye was headed toward that “couple of weeks” map for sure.

Either Dante Cunningham or Derrick Williams will start in his place. I’d prefer Williams with Andrei Kirilenko defending Carmelo Anthony, since the Knicks like to start out pretty small. All he really has to do is stay out on shooters to begin the game and rebound the ball. It would be a nice test for his defensive awareness.

Sleeping unicorns are the least fun unicorns.

What a fantastic win for the Minnesota Timberwolves last night. I wrote yesterday that to be a really good team, you have to win games that should be wins. The Wolves need to win games like this against the Magic and that’s exactly what they did. Kevin Love was phenomenal in his performance. It was great to see him back to being himself.

He knocked down 3-pointers as the trailer in transition, he scored out of the post, and he was active going to the basket. Andrei Kirilenko’s passing was incredible and it seemed to be contagious with Love. This was by far his best passing performance of the season. It didn’t result in any assists, but I thought he moved the ball extremely well. He helped Nikola Pekovic dominate the paint inside. The Wolves didn’t finish at a high rate in there, but you could tell they were determined to break the will of the Orlando interior and that’s exactly what they did.

I was disappointed that Ricky Rubio didn’t really have much impact on the team when he played, but you can’t expect him to be a unicorn at all times. Sometimes unicorns have to sleep and that seemed to be what he needs to do. But overall, I think we can be extremely proud of the tenacity, execution, and effort that the Wolves showed us. This is what good teams do. They take care of lesser teams in a destructive and matter of fact manner.

What’s that? No, I didn’t watch the second half. Why? What happened? Did Ricky have a great second half I should be talking about? Did Love end up with 40-20? Did Pekovic eat the Epcot Center and then reconstruct Disney World into Euro Disney with all of failed robots from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride?  Continue Reading…


The Minnesota Timberwolves are a good team.

This is fun to say. This is also weird to say. Last season, we were enjoying an incredible ride for the first 41.98 games of the campaign. Kevin Love was playing like an MVP candidate (remember when Wolves fans still liked him?), Nikola Pekovic was emerging as the Chuck Norris of the NBA, and Ricky Rubio was dancing around our hearts with his one-handed bounce passes and defensive effectiveness. They had us believing that the playoffs were a legitimate possibility because Rick Adelman was coaching three really good players and a bunch of middling role players.

Then the ACL tear happened and then the bone spurs in Pek’s ankle happened and then Love was concussed and we were left with Michael Beasley, Anthony Randolph, and a rat maze of feces the team couldn’t get out of. The lone highlight after Love’s showdown with Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City ended up being the Wolves finally winning an April game.

The fallout of the falling out of the 2011-12 season led to a huge roster overhaul. As now we see the roster before us. The crazy thing is it’s not even our complete roster. The Wolves are still missing Brandon Roy, Chase Budinger, and Malcolm Lee right now. Josh Howard is out with a hyperextended knee too. The Wolves are getting by with Andrei Kirilenko’s awesomeness, Pek coming into his own the last few games offensively and playing great defense all season, Alexey Shved proving a spark off the bench before and in the lineup now, and the Barea-Ridnour combo playing really good basketball as of late.

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