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Timberwolves 3rd Quarter Report Card

The Timberwolves are now 61 games into the season. What does that mean? It means it’s time for another quarterly report, the third of the 2016-17 season. That’s what time it is.

Glen Taylor is looking to sell a minority stake in the franchise

A little bit of info on the potential minority share transaction involving Glen Taylor and Steve Kaplan.

A Wolves D-League Site? Five ideas for down the road

In this pretend search around the Midwest, we search for a home for the Wolves’ future NBA D League affiliate.

Ronny Turiaf out for remainder of 2014-15 season following hip surgery

“Warrior of light” Attentive you shall be Gotta keep it tight Stir the ship right With the help of a compass The storm too shall pass Fog will dissipate Struggle you will terminate To the shore you will arrive The rain, storm, snow, you will survive Accompanied by the almighty Through it all promised is […]

Get yourself the first AWAW zip-up hoodie!

The first A Wolf Among Wolves zip-up hoodie is now available. Have $40 to spend? Want to avoid being cold while we wait for the snow to thaw and the mercury to rise? Need something swaggeristic (made it up) to wear to Wolves games? Then the AWAW zip-up hoodie is perfect for you! It comes […]

Kevin Garnett's Top 10 plays of his career

The NBA’s YouTube page is releasing the top 10 plays of a bunch of All-Stars’ careers and Kevin Garnett was one of the first guys they did. I know it’s not totally cool to still love KG because he barks at people and he was mad at Glen Taylor and stuff, but he’s still probably […]

Timberwolves 82, Bulls 75: We Play at Paste

Holy cow there were a lot of fouls in this game. 69 of them, and I don’t even mean that in some kind of eyebrow-raised, sexy way. I’m not a mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that means a foul every 45 seconds or so, which is just unreal. Couple that with terrible free throw shooting […]

Honesty is the Wolves' policy… which is nice.

There is a lot of coach speak out there in which fans are forced to read between the lines. And it makes a lot of sense. You’re not going to give away strategies and team philosophies at will on most nights, especially during the regular season. You can’t let the opponent for that night or […]

Hi Kids: Do You Like Violence?

Let’s take a trip back to the late-winter of 1999. I had moved to New York City just before New Year’s and started an internship at 3-2-1 Records, an independent hip-hop label, in late January. At the time, it seemed all anyone was talking about in independent hip-hop (at least in New York) was Rawkus […]

2012 Las Vegas Summer League Scattered Thoughts

I never got to watch the first game of the Wolves’ Summer League campaign when they beat the Clippers, but I was in the building for the loss to the Bobcats Monday night. After talking to a few media members and people around the league, I thought I’d share some thoughts about what’s been going […]