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Ronzone shuffles

So while I spent the early part of Labor Day weekend attempting to avoid being devoured by hawks and bears and mountain lions in the wilds of western New Mexico, Tony Ronzone and the Wolves went and “parted ways.” Jerks. Here’s what the AP has to say about it: Philosophical differences between Kahn and Ronzone […]

Adelman and Beasley in the rumor mill

Look, I know it’s a little weird to be obsessively monitoring the travel plans of an, in most respects, average 66-year-old man. I mean, it’s not like Rick Adelman is carrying a radical cure for Alzheimer’s (which also happens to give apes astonishing powers of intelligence and will usher in the end of human life […]

Pekovic makes the list

With the burning cities, murderous dictators and wild economic instability currently haunting our world, I think its only right that we focus a little on Nikola Pekovic amiright? Firstly, a panel of 91 ESPN experts (of which I am one–hope its not the last time I team up with Bruce Bowen on a journalistic assignment) […]

Kevin Love hits the beach

Oh, this lockout is making me tired. From PR Newswire: Fed up with news of labor disputes among professional sports leagues, Jose Cuervo, the world’s largest producer of Tequila and title sponsor of the recently announced Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series, today declared to always keep beach volleyball in play.  The show of commitment […]

Rumors of Bickerstaff

From Jerry Zgoda at the Star Tribune: Last time we checked, Kurt Rambis still is Timberwolves’ coach but that isn’t stopping Davis Kahn from continuing his pursuit of a new coach apparently. On Monday, the Oregonian newspaper in Portland reported that the Wolves late last week asked the Trail Blazers for permission to talk to […]

Adventures in babysitting

Depending on who you ask, marijuana isn’t particularly harmful. Sure it might lead to bouts with forgetfulness and exceeding one’s weekly calorie intake in a matter of hours, but all in all, Mary Jane isn’t regarded to be the life altering substance her powdery cousins are. However it is illegal and on the list of […]

The Internets are buzzing: is Rambis out?

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo sports is reporting that the Timberwolves have finally asked Kurt Rambis to step aside. Now, to put this in perspective: this is unconfirmed by anybody and Wojnarowski has been wrong on his scoops before (remember that midseason deal for Al Jefferson with Indiana that was as good as done?). What’s more, […]

Rambis doin' homework

I must confess that, for me as someone who writes about basketball, this is a difficult time of year.  One of my least favorite elements of sports journalism is the feverish rumor-mongering and scoop chasing that goes on around the draft and the trade deadline. After all, its hard to have anything substantial to say […]

Rambis floats on

The NBA regular season ended in the middle of April. At that same moment David Kahn hinted strongly that a coaching change is in the offing for the Wolves. Well its June now, the weather’s hot, and Kurt Rambis neither been given a vote of confidence nor put out of his misery. How’s Kurt feel […]

Ricky Rubio is now a Timberwolf

Our long local nightmare is over. Well, almost. As tweeted this evening by KFAN’s Dan Barreiro  and confirmed by the ubiquitous Adrian Worjanowski, Ricky Rubio did indeed sign a contract with the Wolves yesterday. As always, the details were filled in by Mr. Jerry Zgoda over at the Star Tribune. Rubio avoided a potential disaster […]