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These Fragments…: the Wolves in May

Welcome to Summer everybody. As you’ve probably noticed, we here at A Wolf Among Wolves have been laying low the past few weeks: enjoying the playoffs; basking in our few, brief bursts of sun; getting a little distance on the Wolves’ long season; attending to our lives. Luckily, the Wolves have obliged us by doing […]

Love hobbles, Wolves rally (emotionally)

First order of business: an apologia. As you can probably tell, we’ve missed the boat lately. Nothing up here about the Wolves solid showing in LA, nothing about the total disaster against the Kings. Sometimes basketball loses its perch as The Most Important Thing In Our Lives; sometimes real life intervenes in ways that you […]

Kahn downplays Wolves/Knicks deal, plus: K-Love gets low

Jerry Zgoda at the STrib reports that David Kahn has called the Wolves involvement in the Carmelo Anthony deal “overstated”: Translated, that means an ESPN report last weekend that the Wolves would send a first-round pick and Corey Brewer to Denver to receive Knicks little-used forward Anthony Randolph and accept Eddy Curry’s huge, expiring contract […]

Open threes, inbounds passes, mad for taxes: Wolves mini-bullets

Yesterday, I wrote about the way the Wolves’ overcame the Chuck Hayes effect by running some off-the-ball action for Kevin Love. Well here’s an interesting look by the always on-point Sebastian Pruiti at NBA Playbook about just how Love got so open on that late three. What’s interesting about this to me is that, earlier […]

Timberwolves plan Target Center facelift, President Mubarek unmoved

Writing a blog about basketball is pretty weird. You might think that any sensitive, thinking person with the an urge to write on a day like today might have some thoughts to share about the nearly spontaneous uprising of hundreds of thousands of people in one of the world’s great cities. Yeah, I guess that […]

Notes on a dark Sunday

Run Ricky, Run Question: is it a good or bad thing when the New York Times wonders aloud if the  putative savior of your franchise is over the hill at age 20? “Through 28 games in the 2010-11 season,” says Jonathan Givony in the Old Gray Lady, “[Ricky] Rubio has continued to struggle. He is […]

Darko captivates, Timberwolves baffle

Two new internet sightings caught my attention recently. The first is an acidic little number by Matt Moore at ProBasketballTalk. It’s sort of a dark Socratic dialogue riffing on Darko’s recent resurgence. The piece is called “Three Good Games from Darko Justifies the Kahn Era…or Something”. Let’s take a peak:

Timberwolves answer to everyone

Over the past week, the T-Wolves have been tremendously bad, probably the worst team in the NBA. They can’t hit a shot. They can’t prevent opponents from doing same. They’ve been outscored by 130 points over five games. Luckily (?) for us, this punishing awfulness has not gone unnoticed. John Hollinger calls the Wolves’ signing […]

Beasley Returns to South Beach, Unveils New Power Rankings

Apparently the answer is yes. Though he’s been quite mum on his return to South Beach tonight, Michael Beasley made sure that everyone heard about a game practically no one saw.  From Ray Richardson at the STrib… Before the game, the board was filled with a checklist of items to remind Wolves players of their […]

Timberwolves claiming Blazer deception?

Jerry Zgoda at the Strib brings us some curious news: According to a league source, the Timberwolves have asked the NBA to look into whether Portland knowingly traded them an injured player when the Blazers dealt Martell Webster to Minnesota for the 16th overall pick in last summer’s draft. Webster on Monday underwent surgery to […]