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Martell Webster's back hurts

Bad enough to have surgery this morning apparently, says a Wolves’ press release. The surgery is called a microdiscectomy. This means it is a small discectomy (never even been to medical school!) The release goes on to tell us that “no timetable for Webster’s return has been established, but the typical recovery time for this […]

Timberwolves rain fire on NBA pre-season

Friends, the Wolves are 5-1.  Attempts to plumb the depths of this strange statistic for hidden meanings and portents will probably be futile. When we look back on this season in June, after the Wolves have either won 45 games or 14, have either blossomed with promise or collapsed into a quivering husk, we’ll say […]

Temple of doom: Wolves fall to Pacers

The Wolves’ 98-86 loss to the Pacers on Wednesday night was seen by almost nobody. Nonetheless, we know that the Wolves seemed to play solid defense but shot only 32% from the floor. Kurt Rambis wrote it off to “fatigue.” That’s gonna happen, I guess. All I know is I’m glad I didn’t have to […]

SuperCoolGizmo Is Hunting Gremlins

This little tidbit from Jerry Zigoda in the Star Tribune is… well… interesting… to say the least (Via – SLAM Online): Did you see Beasley walk forward after missing a free throw in each of the team’s first preseason games, tilt his head and glare at the rim? Well, here’s the story: “That’s a college […]

What Are You Looking At?

David Kahn’s ever present smirk must’ve crept another quarter inch up the side of his face this week. It certainly isn’t the time for ‘I told you so’, but it is becoming clear that he’s onto something. This team is relatively deep, versatile and its pieces may be more complementary than we thought. The Wolves […]

Timberwolves Scrimmage it Out

It what will most likely be their most evenly contested game of the season, the Wolves matched up against themselves on Wednesday night in Mankato. In case you missed it and had money on the line, the Black team beat the White team 77-67. Whites all over Minnesota are reportedly inconsolable. (Check out some pretty […]

Open Letter To The Fans: Leave Them Wanting More

Advertising and promotional work are tricky things. There has to be a balance between boosting the product you’re trying to sell in a way that makes it desirable for the customer and at the same time you can’t really insult their intelligence too much. At a certain point, you’re trying to trick your clientele to […]

Donald Sterling Poisons, Kevin Love Soothes and More

We’ve publicly touted our appreciation for Ryan Gomes in these very pages, so its nice to discover that somebody else shares the opinion. ESPNLA’s Kevin Arnovitz recently wrote a nice piece on Gomes and found the new Clipper to be just as thoughtful and open as advertised: Ask him why the Timberwolves struggled in the […]