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Rough Draft: Wolves worked out 12 more guys Friday

After Thursday’s first two rounds of workouts, the Wolves hosted 12 more players today while execs from all over the league visited the Target Center. As of right now, our beloved Wolves still have the 18th and the 58th picks in this upcoming draft. First round of Friday workouts included: Kim English, G, Missouri Justin […]

Rough Draft: Wolves to work out 12 players on Thursday

Timberwolves have announced the team will workout 12 players in two different sessions on Thursday. Our beloved Wolves have the 18th and the 58th picks in this upcoming draft. First sessions will be comprised of: J’Covan Brown, G, Texas, Drew Gordon, F, New Mexico Miles Plumlee, C, Duke Tomas Satoransky, G, Sevilla (Spain) John Shurna, F, […]

A little solace in a cruel finish

The Utah Jazz made the playoffs. This means the Minnesota Timberwolves will have a first round pick in this year’s allegedly loaded NBA draft. Acquiring Utah’s pick closes the books on the Al Jefferson trade from before last season. We basically ended up receiving movable parts, draft picks we could sell to pay off Kurt […]

When decisions are made for you

In June of 2009, the Sacramento Kings were faced with a very tough decision. Do you draft for flash and marketability or do you try to change the culture of your organization? At the time, the Kings were known as a “soft” organization, incapable of being consistently tough enough both mentally and physically. This identity, […]

Timberwolves: bad at drafting

I would have included this in my links yesterday but it hadn’t been written yet. Not my fault. But today at Truehoop, Tom Haberstroh opens eyes by revealing that while “draft efficiency alone explains 34 percent of the variability in a team’s record over the past decade” payroll size explains just seven percent. So much […]

Derrick Williams enters the fold

Photo by Zephyrbunny Becoming a media-savvy NBA player generally involves whitewashing one’s own spontaneity, taking care not to offend, not to reveal, not even really to amuse or express much of anything at all beyond rote gestures of confidence and deference.  Derrick Williams seems well on his way to mastering this drab, corporate non-speak (a […]

End of the tunnel

Things are looking up. Again. For all of the rampant speculation and conjecture that draft week brings, the results-even if unexpected-are always satisfying. There is no more blind chatter about what we want, only lucid assessments of what we actually have. Tonight, we have improved as a basketball team. Significantly. Derrick Williams is now a […]

Kanter emerges

Photo by Austin Kleon You may have begun hearing chatter that the Wolves are considering taking Enes Kanter over Derrick Williams with the second pick. Now, two things. First, I think its always a good thing for a team to sow a little uncertainty as to their draft decisions. Even if the Wolves are still […]

Notes on a draft

It is worth your while to check out John Hollinger’s Draft Rater, a metric that attempts to predict, based on their college stats, which players in the draft will have the most success in the pros. You may very well be thinking right now that such an attempt at the inexact science of predicting the […]

TrueHoop Network Mock Draft Pick 20: Wolves select Marshon Brooks

The 2011 ESPN TrueHoop Network NBA Mock Draft is here and I’m more than glad to represent the Wolves with the 20th pick. Each selection will be made available on network sites, will cover just the first round, and will be made according to prediction, not some blogger preference. Enjoy. Previous Pick: Check back hourly […]