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KAT & the Bigs: Dissecting the Wolves’ Depth Up Front

A preview of this year’s big man core for the Wolves, one that is is deeper than last year. And better.

Winging It: A Glance at the Wolves’ Wing Situation

Examining how the Wolves’ cadre of wings – Wiggins, LaVine, Muhammad and Rush – will perform in 2016-17.

Looking Like A Season: Media Day Wrap-Up

I’ll admit, I went into Media Day completely green this year. Mostly I observed, trying to catch the tenor of the team overall, and it probably comes as no surprise that right now, the Timberwolves sound pretty upbeat. That’s not unusual for any team coming into the season. After all, it’s a brand new day, […]

Hi Kids: Do You Like Violence?

Let’s take a trip back to the late-winter of 1999. I had moved to New York City just before New Year’s and started an internship at 3-2-1 Records, an independent hip-hop label, in late January. At the time, it seemed all anyone was talking about in independent hip-hop (at least in New York) was Rawkus […]

It begins

Looking ahead to next season while the current season is still underway is almost a Spring ritual of Timberwolves fandom. It looked for all the world like we might actually be able to think about things like whether Kevin Love ever deserved to be mentioned as an MVP candidate or whether the Wolves could conceivably […]

Sunrise: a Timberwolves season preview 3-on-4

Friends, the longest night of the year has come and gone. The lockout is now, miraculously, a bitter memory. Ricky Rubio, Rick Adelman, Derrick Williams, the svelte, newly athletic Kevin Love and all of the rest of your Wolves will soon take the floor for an actual, certified NBA game. So how’s this gonna go? […]

Timberwolves 2010: youth in revolt

Death and decay are two inexorable facts of life. Everything gets old; everything wilts and fades; everything dies. We’ve been dealing with this for quite a while now.  We U.S. Americans, though, are becoming practiced in the art of forgetting these facts. We’re smitten with newness and youth.  This is maybe the great appeal of […]