Draft Prospects Profile: DeMarcus Cousins, Destroyer of Worlds

(Quick introduction: My name is Zach Harper and I’ll be contributing here frequently at AWAW. Some people may know me from my work at HardwoodParoxysm.com, CowbellKingdom.com, RaptorsRepublic.com and/or Talkhoops.net. As a life long Wolves fan, I feel very honored to be on this site and to be working with Ben and Myles.) DeMarcus Cousins is […]

Selective Service

From where I sit there are lots of reasons to prefer the NBA over college hoops. Systems designed to enhance–rather than suppress–creativity; the ability to make jump shots; I could go on. The NBA is, of course, often accused (especially by fans of the NCAA) of a certain mercenary character; the money, they say, sucks […]


See, this is what we’re talking about. Back at Truehoop, Chad Ford reports that the Sixers are willing to discuss moving that second pick, but only in exchange for taking on Elton Brand and his ridiculous contract. “As much as teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves, for instance, love Evan Turner,” says Ford, “I don’t think […]

Cool Waves Wash Over Me

So the Timberwolves have the fourth pick in the draft (plus the 16th and the 23rd).  Myles has accurately articulated our feelings of despair, of helplessness, of cursed fortune. On Monday, presciently anticipating and defusing the disappointment, Wolves GM David Kahn gave a calming little spiel. He rested his chin in his hand; he wore […]

Kind of Red

And so it continues. The Minnesota Timberwolves have never had the top overall draft pick, never moved up in the draft lottery and more often than not, they’ve fallen short of their projected draft position. Of course those familiar with the team’s history can tell you that odds were also in favor of management making […]

Under the Paving Stones, the Beach!

If you’re reading this, you probably already know: for Timberwolves fans, last year was a crusher. You may remember the brief moments of first quarter hope, when the Wolves would manage to resemble a competent, competitive NBA team. Or maybe that hope would sprout late in a game, when the Wolves, trailing by some unholy […]

Welcome to Paradise

Photo by Merwinglittle dear You guys been enjoying the playoffs? I know we sure have. The organ-displacing defense; the painful missed opportunities; the bloody faces; the staggering disappointments: yup. What else? Al Sharpton in a Spanish-language Steve Nash jersey? Red-faced, auto-tuned coaches rapping about intensity (or whatever)? Rajon Rondo emerging from his Walkabout an unguardable […]

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