2016-17 Roster Review: Nemanja Bjelica

Nemanja Bjelica had a rather peculiar season. The unassuming Serbian found himself careening between virtually unplayable and integral for the team’s success all season, with brief stops at nearly every stage in between. Inconsistency has defined Bjelica’s first two seasons in the NBA, something all inexperienced players are prone to, but most have the advantage […]

2016-17 Roster Review: Brandon Rush

I really liked the Brandon Rush signing last summer. Coming off a season in which he shot nearly 43% from 3 in just under 15 minutes per game on one of the best teams in NBA history, the paltry 1-year, $3.5 million deal the Wolves handed Rush seemed like a steal. One figured that Rush […]

2016-17 Roster Review: Tyus Jones

A look back at Tyus Jones’ (noticeable) improvements in his sophomore year.

2016-17 Roster Review: Cole Aldrich

Cole Aldrich was the perfect acquisition. For a Minnesota Timberwolves franchise undergoing a major front-office transition and loaded with young talent under long-term contracts, it made no sense to over-spend on some of the veteran players available in the free agent market. While other teams were committing more than $60 and $70 Million for the […]

Introducing: The Long Two Podcast

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. For as long as I’ve been closely following the NBA (since about 2011), I’ve done two things: 1. Read as many articles by smart basketball people as possible and 2. Listened to NBA podcasts. I’ve always found podcasts to be illuminating and fun […]

2016-17 Roster Review: Adreian Payne

A.P. seems like an alright guy. He seemed like a good teammate, and when he did play, he went all-out. He is, to be frank, just not that good at basketball.

2016-17 Roster Review: Jordan Hill

Kids across the state of Minnesota are growing up hoping to become the next Andrew Wiggins or Karl-Anthony Towns. They see Wiggins hammer a huge dunk, or Towns scream in celebration after a clutch basket and the foul, and they imagine themselves doing something similar. When kids watch sports, they want to be like their […]

2016-17 Roster Review: The Temps

A recap of the contributions of John Lucas III, Lance Stephenson, and Omri Casspi.

2016-17 Roster Review: Nikola Pekovic

We’re going to miss Nikola Pekovic.

Timberwolves Season in Review: Part 2

We’re recapping the Timberwolves 2016-17 season, round table style. In case you missed it, Part 1 can be found here. Here are the final five questions about the season that was. After LaVine tore his ACL in the 50th game of the season, Towns and Wiggins combined for 54.3 points per game. Their 2-man lineup […]

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