AWAW Mailbag: Late Offseason Edition

It’s September. The doldrums of the late offseason are upon us, but, alas, they’re almost past! The Timberwolves will likely be finalizing the roster in the coming days and/or weeks and the first preseason game is slated for September 30th against the Los Angeles Lakers in Anaheim. I figured now would be a good time […]

Wiggins, Towns, and “Two-Way” Play

At the Timberwolves annual Media Day in 2015, we were treated to Kevin Garnett holding court for about 25 minutes on a variety of subjects. As any NBA fan knows, opportunities to hear KG speak in depth are as insightful as they are rare. On this particular day — a sad one in one important […]

Roth and Roll: Iowa Wolves Hire New Head Coach

The Iowa Wolves finally got their man. The team formally announced Wednesday morning that Scott Roth will serve as the team’s new head coach, three months to the day after rebranding from the Iowa Energy to their newly minted moniker. Neato! It’s about time the Wolves G-League team had a commander in chief. But, uh, […]

Report: Wolves making a run at Dante Cunningham

Unpacking the idea of a Dante Cunningham return to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

A Breakdown of NBA 2K18’s All-Time Timberwolves Roster

Analyzing the All-Time Wolves team, as put together by NBA 2K18.

The Offseason of Andrew Wiggins and Pivotal Season Ahead

With so much drama in the M-S-P It’s kinda hard bein’ Drew W-I-G Okay, fine. There isn’t that much actual drama going on with Andrew Wiggins and the Timberwolves, and there’s certainly no reason for such a cheesy Gin and Juice joke. I’m sorry about that. But there is some stuff happening, some of it […]

Introducing: Dr. Lawyer IndianChief to A Wolf Among Wolves

Introducing the newest addition to the AWAW crew.

INBOX: Rediscovering O.J. Mayo (The late August edition)

Whatever happened to O.J. Mayo? The suspended guard might be working out at a gym near you.

On Nemanja Bjelica and Justin Patton’s Foot Injuries

The Minnesota Timberwolves had a pretty healthy 2016-17 season all things considered. Nikola Pekovic missed the entire season due to recurring ankle pain and Zach LaVine tore his ACL on a freak play in early February, but perhaps the most under-discussed (and now the most important since Pekovic retired and LaVine was traded) injury is […]

To Bazz or Not to Bazz?

Should the Wolves try to bring back Shabazz Muhammad?

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