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Photo by Julie Goodrow

You might have seen my recent Truehoop posting on the Wolves’ existential crisis. As I mentioned in the story, I gathered more information than could fit into an article any normal non-Wolves fan could possibly be expected to read. But you people, you are different. So over the next few days, I’ll be giving you guys a look at some of this excess in greater depth. As I said, David Berri of Wages of Wins and Wayne Winston were extremely generous with their time and efforts in helping me out. So below you’ll find some of the info they passed along to me, in table form.

Children of Production

First is Berri. Using his Wins Produced and Wins Per 48 metrics, Berri ran an analysis of how much players might be expected to play given their age, position and levels of production. As I discussed in the story, Berri found that their were certain discrepancies between which Wolves were producing and which were playing. Those results (through the games of December 11) are shown below:

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