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What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue…

This time of year is always tough for me as a Wolves follower. The past few summers have led me to become more of a spectator than a speculator. I’ve found it easier-and far less frustrating-to analyze the developments at hand rather than agonize over the possibilities. There are simply too many loose ends to […]

Draft Prospects Profile: DeMarcus Cousins, Destroyer of Worlds

(Quick introduction: My name is Zach Harper and I’ll be contributing here frequently at AWAW. Some people may know me from my work at,, and/or As a life long Wolves fan, I feel very honored to be on this site and to be working with Ben and Myles.) DeMarcus Cousins is […]

Under the Paving Stones, the Beach!

If you’re reading this, you probably already know: for Timberwolves fans, last year was a crusher. You may remember the brief moments of first quarter hope, when the Wolves would manage to resemble a competent, competitive NBA team. Or maybe that hope would sprout late in a game, when the Wolves, trailing by some unholy […]