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Love three point contest

As a whole, the first 53 games of the 2013-14 Minnesota Timberwolves season can be described in many ways: disappointing, inconsistent, portentious, a “middle finger to point differential” analysis (well put, Patrick Fenelon). Rick Adelman’s squad has undershot its Pythagorean win total by 8 (mathematically speaking, teams who outscore their opponents by 3.7 points per contest ought to be 33-20 at this point, not 25-28). The reasons have been discussed ad nauseam;┬áthe Wolves can’t close out games, they failed to beat weaker opponents while they were at full strength early in the season, and on, and on, and on.

Every game isn’t a referendum of the franchise as a whole, nor do any of these individual games dictate the future in any meaningful way. Since the Wolves have Kevin Love’s early termination option hanging over their heads, it’s easy for fans (and even – shockingly – the media) to worry about the future, forgetting that it’s okay to enjoy individual games when good ones come around. Some of Minnesota’s losses have been wildly entertaining contests – the loss to Oklahoma City on January 4th and both losses to the Clippers in L.A. come to mind – but blowouts can be fun, too. Especially when they feature the kind of ball movement, efficiency and hustle that the Wolves displayed in thumping the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday night. Continue Reading…