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No disrespect intended for the Charlotte Bobcats but the Wolves absolutely gave this one away.

And it feels really good to say that.

I’m not happy the Wolves lost by any means, but I’m extremely happy they were in a position on the road to have a game to put away. I don’t know that this team is necessarily better in the sense that the Wolves can keep this unit together for a few years and have it develop into a title contending team. This unit isn’t that. But they’ve been competitive since the Miami-Orlando-Houston debacle and Michael Beasley decided to take over as the on-court leader of this team. They still have future bench players starting in key spots but bringing in guys to push them down the depth chart will definitely make this team dangerous in the future.

The way they gave this game shows the growth they still need but it also shows that this team might not be such a pushover most of this season.

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