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You have perhaps seen this Peter Vecsey report about the  impending deadline to offer Kevin Love a contract extension:

According to the messenger, All-Star Kevin Love has not been offered an extension. Think the double-double emperor’s feelings are bruised? Think agent Jeff Schwartz might be putting the pressure on GM David Kahn and owner Glen Taylor to make a proposal pronto? You got that right; according to my source, if one isn’t submitted by Jan. 15, 10 days before the league deadline to enrich players in Love’s position (Russell Westbrook is another), then don’t bother.

Think there’s a lot of speculation and unattributed sourcing in that paragraph? Yeah me too. For the record, Love claims that he hasn’t spoken with his agent about an extension since the season began (which, obviously he would say that).

Also for the record, and as per our frequent conversations about Kevin Love’s value, Bradford Doolittle of Basketball Prospectus has weighed in firmly on the side of offering our guy the max (very much worth reading). And considering how intensely good he has been this year and how much he has added to his game in just under three seasons, I’m inclined to agree. Let’s get this thing done. Here’s the slightly chilling way Doolittle leaves us:

There is no question he is deserving of a max contract, and probably little question that the Timberwolves will make such an offer. The only thing we don’t know is whether Love will sign it.