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2015-16 Roster Review: Kevin Garnett

The Kid is an old man, now. Reviewing KG’s 21st NBA season.

A 6’13 Shadow

Even at 39, KG still moves the Timberwolves’ franchise in profound ways.

Wolves in Motion: Some cool stuff the Wolves are running for Karl-Anthony Towns

Just a couple of fun plays the Wolves are executing with Karl-Anthony Towns as the roaming big man.

Timberwolves 117, Suns 87: I’ll be damned if I don’t show my teeth

These streets is full with the wolves that starve for the week so they after the weak In a land full of lambs I am and I’ll be damned if I don’t show my teeth” -Run the Jewels The Wolves entered today’s matinee meeting with the Suns 4-21 over their past 25 games, losers of […]

Thunder 101, Timberwolves 96: Both Sides of Nostalgia

There was bad on “Throwback Night” against the Thunder, but there was also good. We look at both.

Timberwolves 94, Jazz 80: Keeping the Momentum

Sometimes, on a night of bad basketball, a few momentum-setting plays is what it takes to hold a lead and get the win.

Dusk and Twilight: Kobe and KG fade out in different ways

Kobe Bryant seems to be holding the Lakers hostage; Kevin Garnett seems to be a foul-mouthed tour guide escorting the young Timberwolves to success.

Wolves 100, Sixers 95: Andrew Wiggins went into assassin mode

The game looked bad early, but Andrew Wiggins didn’t want to lose.

I don’t know that Kevin Garnett should be allowed to look after puppies

What does KG do with puppies?

AWAW Roundtable: What’s the deal with our predictions?

We made predictions earlier in the week, and now we’re judging our predictions. Join us in a roundtable?