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Timberwolves 123, Magic 107: When You’re Alone and Life Is Making You Lonely

To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld’s riff on car rental places and apply it to the Timberwolves this season, they know to to get a lead, they just don’t know how to hold a lead. Before tonight’s game against the Magic in Orlando, the Wolves had played five games and held a double digit lead in the […]

Timberwolves 101, Magic 104: Fournier Is a Disease (That You Should Never Google)

Let’s lay some groundwork for last night’s loss in Orlando, because the distance imparted by television makes it easy to begin to think of every game as the same thing done over and over again, the players as action figures whose accumulated statistics mean Player X will make or miss Shot Y based on his […]

Magic 102, Wolves 93: We're halfway there

What a fantastic win for the Minnesota Timberwolves last night. I wrote yesterday that to be a really good team, you have to win games that should be wins. The Wolves need to win games like this against the Magic and that’s exactly what they did. Kevin Love was phenomenal in his performance. It was […]

The pressure of learning when you should win

The Minnesota Timberwolves are a good team. This is fun to say. This is also weird to say. Last season, we were enjoying an incredible ride for the first 41.98 games of the campaign. Kevin Love was playing like an MVP candidate (remember when Wolves fans still liked him?), Nikola Pekovic was emerging as the […]

Game Four Preview: Magic at Wolves in the Target Center

We’ve got a big stretch of games coming up for the Wolves and it starts tonight. Ever since Kevin Love broke his hand doing knuckle push-ups, we’ve been trying to figure out how this team survives the presumed month he’s out healing. If the Wolves can be a .500 team during the month of November, […]

Timberwolves 89, Magic 102: Codetalking

I was never, to put it mildly, a natural when it came to math. I vividly remember taking the SAT during my junior year of high school. The verbal sections were fine; I was comfortable; I knew my way around. But the math sections got ugly. I would begin to sweat; my mind would fill […]

Timberwolves 99, Magic 108: Halfway to normal

The first half of Saturday night’s game was among the best that the Wolves have played all season. They hit open jumpers. They forced Dwight Howard to put in real work for his points.  Luke Ridnour found open space in the paint, hitting Darko Milicic with two sweet pick-and-roll passes for wide open dunks. Corey […]