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Ronzone shuffles

Benjamin Polk —  September 4, 2011 — 8 Comments

So while I spent the early part of Labor Day weekend attempting to avoid being devoured by hawks and bears and mountain lions in the wilds of western New Mexico, Tony Ronzone and the Wolves went and “parted ways.” Jerks. Here’s what the AP has to say about it:

Philosophical differences between Kahn and Ronzone on the direction of the franchise started to surface around draft time in June and may have contributed to the split. It remains unclear what the Timberwolves will do, if anything, to replace Ronzone going forward.

Ah, good ol’ “philosophical differences.” Friends, this troubles me in a number of ways. It had always seemed to me that the two people in the Wolves’ upper-echelon who really, deeply knew the game were Kurt Rambis and Ronzone. Through all the surreality of the past year, it was nice to know that, somewhere near the top of the chain, was a guy whose decisions were based on things like data and close observation and experience.  Now they are both gone and, as commenter Mac says, Kahn has “nobody left to fire other than himself and the owner.”

Let’s be clear; we don’t know what these “philosophical differences” really amounted to.  But it is beginning to look like Kahn has a pretty generous view of his own expertise. The man seems to believe that he has a vision, but that vision is as inscrutable as ever.