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Last year, Kevin Love led the NBA in rebounds per game. He was a last-minute All-Star selection and was, deservedly, named the league’s most improved player. He has a World Championship gold medal that he can wear in the bathtub if he feels like it. You might remember that he once scored 31 points and grabbed 30 rebounds in one game. According to #NBARank, he is the 16th-best player in the game. He is, without question, the Timberwolves’ best player since Kevin Garnett.

But beyond these bare facts, it’s difficult to find consensus on Love’s place in the game.  When it comes to the game’s newer school stats, metrics that seek to balance efficiency and volume, Love simply crushes. He finished fourth in the league in PER last year, just behind Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard and King James himself. Oh, but what if you think, “that’s weak, K-Love is better than those chumps”? Well the Wages of Wins has got your back, having ranked our boy first in the whole NBA (!) in Wins Produced. (And please note that, max contracts notwithstanding, the folks at WoW claim that Love is worth no less than $45.6 million. Per year. Pass the hat, y’all.)

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You might have seen my recent Truehoop posting on the Wolves’ existential crisis. As I mentioned in the story, I gathered more information than could fit into an article any normal non-Wolves fan could possibly be expected to read. But you people, you are different. So over the next few days, I’ll be giving you guys a look at some of this excess in greater depth. As I said, David Berri of Wages of Wins and Wayne Winston were extremely generous with their time and efforts in helping me out. So below you’ll find some of the info they passed along to me, in table form.

Children of Production

First is Berri. Using his Wins Produced and Wins Per 48 metrics, Berri ran an analysis of how much players might be expected to play given their age, position and levels of production. As I discussed in the story, Berri found that their were certain discrepancies between which Wolves were producing and which were playing. Those results (through the games of December 11) are shown below:

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