Pistons 100, Timberwolves 97: Eyeroll, Shrug and YGTMYFT’s

The Wolves played pretty damn poorly when it mattered most, and still nearly won, and I can’t tell if that’s funny or frustrating.

Coaching Week in Minnesota: Pop, Carlisle, Stan Van, and What Coaching in the NBA Means Today

Last week, Gregg Popovich was in town coaching the Spurs against the Timberwolves. After that, the Wolves faced the Dallas Mavericks, led by Rick Carlisle. Tonight, they host the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons are led by Stan Van Gundy. The Wolves themselves, of course, are coached by Tom Thibodeau. Not long ago, these four men […]

Wolves 111, Mavericks 87: Just How Good Are the Wolves?

The Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the Dallas Mavericks 111-87 Friday night to improve their record to 10-5 – the first time they’ve been five games over .500 since 2005 and a 55 win pace(!) – and it was a perfect encapsulation of their 2017-18 season to date. The Wolves struggled out of the gate to match […]

Spurred by the Bench: Wolves 98, Spurs 86

The mark of a good team is… Well, it could be a lot of things and that’s a cliché of a sentence starter. One possible finish to it would be “that it can win games even when the best players have off nights.” The Wolves beat the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night at Target […]

Wolves 109, Jazz 98: Utahlk About a Bounce Back

The Minnesota Timberwolves bounced back from their ugly loss Saturday night against the Phoenix Suns by defeating the Utah Jazz 109-98 Monday night, putting a halt to their season-high two-game losing streak. The Wolves came out of the gaits swinging on both ends against the Rudy Gobert-less Utah squad, causing difficult shots and disrupting passing […]

The Teague Conundrum

The last time the Timberwolves led in their devastating potato of a game in Phoenix, Jeff Teague hit a three-pointer to put them up 103-97. In the final three minutes of the game, once the Suns took the lead 104-103, Jimmy Butler stepped out of bounds. The next Wolves’ trip down the court, Teague wrestled […]

Suns 118, Timberwolves 110: A Hard Loss in the Valley of the Sun

Let’s get the immediate sting out of the way first: the Timberwolves were defeated Saturday night in Phoenix, 118-110, by a depleted Suns team.

Warriors 125, Timberwolves 101: Canoe Way to Lose

The Wolves’ first blowout loss with Jimmy Butler, a 125-101 drubbing at the hands of the defending champions.

The microscope on KAT and his place in the league

“For of those to whom much is given, much is required.” –John F. Kennedy Within the National Basketball Association are two different NBA worlds. One is established and relevant. This world is experienced Thursday nights on TNT from November through April, and then commands all interest from there. The market in this world is right […]

Wolves 112, Hornets 94: For the Timberwolves, Stats are for Losers

James Harden scored 56 points and had 13 assists against the Jazz on Sunday. Kristaps Porzingis had 40 points and 6 blocks against the Pacers. Around the league on any given night these days, certain players are going off for stat lines not seen in decades, since the high-paced days of the 1960s when things […]

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