See, this is what we’re talking about. Back at Truehoop, Chad Ford reports that the Sixers are willing to discuss moving that second pick, but only in exchange for taking on Elton Brand and his ridiculous contract.

“As much as teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves, for instance, love Evan Turner,” says Ford, “I don’t think they love him that much.”

Let’s hope not, anyway.

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  1. You wouldn’t want to do that? How about Al Jefferson and 16 for Brand and 2? If we can get number 2 without giving up 4, then I’d take the worst contract you can throw at me. This is how the Wolves need to use their cap space.

  2. Agreed. Salary cap room is only good if it is being used (and in this scenario we still have some left). But I would much rather give up #16 and Al (a player who I really like, but is clearly a redundant commodity on our roster) for Evan and #2 than hang on to status quo- in which we offer too big of a contract to Rudy Gay, watch it get matched by Memphis anyway, and then have to shovel bucketloads of cash at mediocre players like Travis Outlaw and Anthony Morrow (not to mention the grotesque overpay we’ll be forced to give Darko if we don’t walk away from the draft with the four, ie Cousins). Heck, in this scenario, we should still have enough cap space left to overpay one of the aforementioned swingmen.

    Sure, Elton is a horrific contract. So what? If Evan is what I’d expect him to be than he would be an absolute steal for the rookie contract’s 4 million a year. And three years from now, when we’ve got all of our rookie deal guys bearing down on their 2nd contract we’ll either be able to let Brand expire or (if it’s what it takes to compete) move his expiring for talent.

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