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B-Easy Speaks

The Wolves welcomed Michael Beasley into the fold yesterday. Watching this video, especially in comparison to the goofy, somewhat childlike performance he put on as a draftee, one gets the clear sense that B-Easy has been through a lot in the last two years. We’ll see whether that’s a good thing or not.

Also, although Al Jefferson seems to have fond feelings for us back here in the old MN, he’s not exactly sweating his new situation either.

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0 thoughts on “B-Easy Speaks

  1. Beasley’s a pet fave of mine, or he was when he entered the league bc of his goofy ‘tude. Sad to see that go–or so it would seem here (there’s a few jokes in there when the sleepy eyes light up)–but if he becomes the “beast” everybody expected for you guys up there then I’ll be happy again, pledge fandom again.

    Also, I think Kahn’s pretty krayzy (see that Shoals/Ziller column?) but I do like the idea that he’s got some wacky plan to this melting pot grab-bag operating philosophy. But then he says the 12-step line and I get all “tsk-tsk, cmon dude!” (Yea, I watched the full 14 minutes.)

  2. One thing that bugs me about Dwyane Wade – he’s been all over Lebron’s nutsack during the past couple of weeks, defending him against all critics from Dan Gilbert to Michael Jordan, and yet he can’t say one nice thing about B-Easy on his way out? Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall seeing anything of this nature from Wade. I’m sure it would have meant something for the young fella for Wade to say a few kind words, say he has a bright future in this league, express a little regret at his being cut loose and wish him luck. But no, I guess Wade is too busy to make comments to the media — unless it’s about the mWo, then he will write you a book and sign the cover “love, Dwyane”.

    People say Wade is a great teammate — he sure isn’t much of an ex-teammate, no one really comments on the fact that as team captain he worked with Riley and green lighted firing all of his teammates to build the Superfriends, that’s pretty cold blooded when you think about it.

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