Light Some Candles: Ricky Rubio Highlights Against Lithuania

If there were random doves flying all over the place during this video, I would have sworn John Woo was making basketball mixtapes now.

(via Ball In Europe)

That was pretty nice. I liked that Ricky seemed to have a bit of an attitude in some of these highlights. It’s like he was trying to embarrass the Lithuanians as he destroyed them. I also love the pestering defense. It will be much harder to do that in the NBA with quicker, stronger guards but he still will be a good defender.

The next month is going to be fun watching him perform against the rest of the world.

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0 thoughts on “Light Some Candles: Ricky Rubio Highlights Against Lithuania

  1. It looks like he’s added a little muscle. And that pull up at 1:27 is cold (does his release look a little better? It’s only one shot, so admittedly it’s not much to draw a conclusion from, but it does look a little different). If Kahn ever gets Rubio over here, I may be able to forgive him for being otherwise completely inept.

  2. I’ve noticed that when he has time to think about and set up the shot, his release point is pretty awkward. But when he just has to go off of instinct and just shoot the ball, I think the release point is a lot more natural. I don’t think it’s really changed. It’s just a situation by situation kind of deal right now, in my opinion.

    And he does look bigger. I think he’s definitely added muscle.

  3. “It’s like he was trying to embarrass the Lithuanians as he destroyed them.”

    Anyone who is around basketball enough understands what you mean, and some recognize that this trait is the difference between the Jordans and Birds of the world, and everybody else. Kobe has it, LeBron does not. As much as I love KG, and appreciate his competitiveness, when it comes down to it, he’s the guy that defers at crunchtime. That’s what made “The Decision” so disappointing for those of us who are relatively ambivalent about how poorly LeBron acted towards Cleveland; we no longer wonder, “does he live up to the hype?”

    There are only a handful of people on earth at any given moment who have the God-given talent and the take-no-prisoners tenacity to want to absolutely destroy all competition. We are seeing Ricky Rubio become one of those players.

    Watching Beasley at K-State, I saw the same fire. I think we could be a very good team in a couple of years.

  4. “Watching Beasley at K-State, I saw the same fire. I think we could be a very good team in a couple of years.”

    I agree with the sentiment of this statement… but it is assuming that all the pieces fall into place. For instance, Beasley has to learn to be that tenacious player, at a NBA level. Rubio has to come over, and be willing to play for us. And we have to figure out how all of our pieces fit together. Assuming that everybody who is currently on the roster is still here, when Rubio comes next year, we have a LOT of repetitive player types. Rubio and Flynn. Beasley, Tolliver, and Love. Wes Johnson and Martell Webster. And, just to be clear, I am not saying that these guys are clones. They are just players that can’t play together. And while I am not displeased about a “second line” of Rubio, Ellington, Webster, Beasley, and Pekovic (or Tolliver, I guess)… I just don’t see the 3 which were previously mentioned, being ok with accepting full time backup status. I could however see Webster or Beas as a great 6th man… and possibly being cool with that.

    Bottom line- I just don’t get how all these pieces fit together. But I guess that is why I am not making Kahn money.

  5. Whoa…. Did this video show some talent or what! He was destroying the Lithuanians there. He was get doubled teams drawn on him lots and made those into sexy passes! Note: That alley-oop pass he did, he got because the scorer’s man didn’t follow through!

    He did seem quite wild on defense though, the play where he got a foul called on him wasn’t smart at all but I don’t think that could happen a lot unless he tries to force a steal at will every time. He has the long range shot down and I like that he’s smart on offense, he made the right passes at the right time. I think people don’t see much attitude in him because a.) He’s European and b.) That whole pre-madonna act and the nervousness he had on draft night a year ago about getting selected to Minnesota. Although I wish Minnesota would have drafted DeMarcus Cousins, it would be wonderful if Rubio dished out passes like that while Cousins finished at the rim! Oh, well!

    P.S. The music behind that was flawless!


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