Wes Johnson Welcomed to the NBA Politely by Luther Head

It was nice of Luther Head to give Wes Johnson a kind greeting into the league.

After a turnover in the second quarter against the Kings, Sebastian Telfair  did his Through The Fire thing by throwing a pass that probably looked better in his mind than in reality to a streaking Wesley Johnson on the break. Wes did the rest:

What kills me about the reaction to the dunk is Wes seems like the nicest guy in the world. The mean streak face he exhibits after the dunk is sort of hilarious. I love seeing a guy like that be impressed by his own athletic accomplishment.

I still contend that DeMarcus Cousins should have been the pick at #4 but I’m glad the Wolves got a guy like Wes Johnson in the draft. I don’t care if he becomes a perennial All-Star or not. He’s just the type of guy who is fun to have on your team and watch him develop, no matter what his ceiling ends up being.

It’s like Mark Madsen only with basketball skill and fun plays.

Welcome to the league, kid.

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  1. I thought this might happen and why I was happy we took Wes Johnson instead of Cousins….Here is an excerpt from Chad Ford that I read today from ESPN:

    Speaking of the Wolves, don’t be too hard on GM David Kahn for taking Wes Johnson over DeMarcus Cousins. The Wolves didn’t think he’d be a fit next to Love. But that wasn’t the biggest reason they passed. There was a bigger concern that Cousins would be too much to handle in the locker room — especially on such a young team.

    Those concerns, according to sources, are already being borne out in Sacramento. While Cousins has played very well in the summer league, preseason and in the Kings’ first three regular-season games, there are concerns.

    Sources close to the Kings tell me that Cousins has earned his reputation for being difficult. Several players on the team have complained privately about his attitude and he’s already butted heads with assistant coaches in practice.

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