League source: Wolves land Randolph in Carmelo deal

ESPN is reporting that the Knicks have finally landed Mr. Carmelo Anthony. In exchange, the Knicks have traded almost all of their young players plus Governor’s Island and three scuzzy, bro-infested East Village bars. For us, though, here’s the important part:

New York will send Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry to Minnesota as part of the deal in exchange for Corey Brewer, a league source told Broussard.

I hope that, just once, the Wolves deign to put Darko and Curry on the floor together. That would be pure magic.

By the way, Corey Brewer is/was my favorite T-Wolf. This hurts a little.

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0 thoughts on “League source: Wolves land Randolph in Carmelo deal

  1. I agree with you…this hurts me a bit as well. Brewer was one of the few players on the team that actually looked like he cared about what he was doing (i.e. defense) and had a high “motor”. There’s something to be said for smiling a lot too, in a Mark Madsen kind of way. I won’t miss the odd shots that were hit or miss (mostly miss) and dribbling but it was sort of painful/fun to watch him attempt to run and dribble looking like he was on stilts or a unicycle.

  2. Considering the T-Wolves had pretty apparently already decided not to keep Brewer around, this is a great move. Something for nothing, basically.

  3. Im glad to see the love for Brewer on here. he also is/was my favortie Timberwolf. He is always smiling and plays hard. out of the blue he would have one of these amazing dunks.

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