Written on the Wind: Wolves rumors and other ephemera

It’s a strange time in this strange wasteland that is Wolves fandom. Is our coach still a coach? Is our draft pick still a draft pick? Is anybody doing anything here? Good questions, all of them. Here’s a minor roundup of those trade rumors:

  • The most recent, most intriguing and probably weirdest rumor involves the Wolves moving the pick to Cleveland in exchange for the Cavs’ fourth pick and Detroit’s eighth pick. In other words, Cleveland would then be able to draft both Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams. While getting two high lottery picks in exchange for one in a weak draft doesn’t really seem so bad, it would definitely add to the Wolves’ legacy of helping other teams utterly run the table (see: Garnett, Kevin; Lawson, Tywon). One wonders: considering that what they really need is one great player and the last thing they need are more average players, why aren’t the Wolves the ones on the aggressive end of this deal? Why we always getting played?

Update: Chris Broussard reports that this thing is dead.


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0 thoughts on “Written on the Wind: Wolves rumors and other ephemera

  1. I don’t know where you’re coming from in saying “How much would one great defender really change the Wolves wretched defensive culture?” How would you propose they change their wretched defensive culture? By adding more players that don’t know how to defend? Or is the plan to just add subpar defenders this year, mediocre defenders next year, slightly better than average defenders after that, and then move on to great defenders?

    If you want better defense, you add better defenders.

    1. Agreed on the last point. Of course I don’t believe they should add subpar defenders this year. What I’m saying is that their defensive troubles are so endemic and widespread that I don’t believe that paying near-max money for a single elite defender (while subtracting Tolliver, their other above average defender) will make a significant difference. Now I may be wrong about this. After all, KG and and Perkins had huge impacts on the defensive cultures of their new teams. But those teams were filled either with very savvy, very hungry veterans or with young bucks with great defensive aptitudes. The Wolves have neither. They don’t need one defensive star, they need a total makeover.

  2. I think we need to move either Love or Beasley. They are both terrible defensively, and although Beasley can score, he isn’t what I consider a winner and is not a team player. Watching these playoffs, its safe to say that Beasley doesn’t fit into a winning culture.

    I’d be happy with Irving or Williams at 2. Take Williams and play him at 3 when Love is at 4, or maybe play Williams at 4, with Love at center once in a while.

    What does speculation matter anyway? I am so close to giving up with this squad. I just want something to cheer for here.

  3. At the 2010 Sloan Sports conference, Mark Cuban talked about how every team has one or two morons. But you can never really tell whether a player is a moron until you get him on your team and put him through a few practices. And then, of course, you become desperately anxious to get rid of him, as that player’s lack of intelligence is serious enough to prevent him from contributing to NBA-level, team-oriented basketball. So every NBA team is secretly playing a high-stakes game of “hide the moron” as they scheme to unload their stupidest players.

    I guess all I mean to say is, I wonder how the Timberwolves’ coaching staff thinks about Michael Beasley.

    And by the way, I’m not the sort to see phallic symbols in everything, but the picture at the top of this post makes me a little uncomfortable.

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