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Rambis floats on

The NBA regular season ended in the middle of April. At that same moment David Kahn hinted strongly that a coaching change is in the offing for the Wolves. Well its June now, the weather’s hot, and Kurt Rambis neither been given a vote of confidence nor put out of his misery. How’s Kurt feel about all of this? (From Jerry Zgoda at the strib):

“It’s not how I would handle it, no,” Rambis told reporters in a six-minute exchange in which he appeared annoyed but not angry about the uncertainty. “I think everybody has reasons for why they conduct their business in the way they want to conduct their business. If you’re asking me if that’s what I’d do, no. That’s not how I would handle things, but everybody’s different.”

That “everybody’s different” is rich isn’t it? It’s like, “well, if I was in charge I might try to treat my employees with respect but, y’know, everybody’s different.” In the past two months, Rambis has been handling himself like the proud guy he is–doing his job, willingly answering questions about the uncertainty with dignity and grace. It makes one wonder just what Kahn and Taylor are up to: if Rambis is going to be the coach, why not just say so? If he’s fired, why not just fire him rather than letting him twist in the wind? If they haven’t made up their minds, why can’t they make up their minds? Zgoda has an idea:

By firing one coach now and hiring another, Wolves owner Glen Taylor could pay two coaches for a season that might never be played. If Rambis’ contract calls for him to be paid a reduced salary during a lockout, it would be cheaper to pay him to stay as coach rather than fire him and pay him off now.

Very classy. Another question: does this seem like the kind of place you would want to work? 

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0 thoughts on “Rambis floats on

  1. Counterpoint: What if he’s so terrible that he deserves an extra shameful firing? If Kahn came out and said that’s what he was doing, he’d have my full support.

  2. John –

    Counter-counter point. Do you really think he’s that bad? I always liked Rambis with the Lakers. What if we trade you Mike Brown and John Kuester for Rambis and your #20 pick? Hmmm?

  3. Even great coaches can’t make bad teams good. If you need evidence, just look at Larry Brown. One of the most successful coaches at both the college and pro level. But he couldn’t make a bad Sixers team good. Nor could he make a bunch of misfits (outside of Gerald Wallace) decent, in Charlotte.

    Taylor just really needs to come to the realization that he has lost his ability to run this team, and sell to someone who can. I am tired of seeing ridiculous move after ridiculous move… and they all trickle down from the top level. At least own up to the fact that hiring David Kahn was a monster mistake, and right that wrong.

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