Ricky Rubio is still not a Timberwolf

Well, the deadline for signing Ricky Rubio for next season under the rookie wage scale has come and gone. And, as usual in this long, baroque saga, all we have to show for it are supposition, innuendo and uncertainty. At issue are the same old things: 1) the new CBA, under which Rubio would almost certainly make less money than he would under the current rookie scale; 2) the lockout which, if Rubio signed with the Wolves this summer, could keep him from playing any basketball at all next year–and right now, what Ricky most deeply needs and wants is to play basketball; 3) the fact that Rubio may just not want to play for this weirdly managed, perennially terrible cold-weather team.

Happily for the Wolves, it seems that this latter issue is less decisive than had been reported at the time of the draft. What this whole adventure does cast into relief, however, is just how much David Kahn and the Wolves have invested in the young prodigy. Back in 2009, Rubio was a fount of possibility, a player so young and with such preternatural skill and awareness that he seemed able to bear endless quantities of hope. In many ways, that hope has sustained Kahn through the strange decisions and seeming aimlessness of the two years that have followed.

But now that Rubio’s star has dimmed and the realities of collective bargaining have presented themselves Kahn is faced with a harsh reality. Two years, two drafts and three lottery picks have gone by since Kahn took control; the Wolves have acquired exactly zero impact players in that time. Rubio is still a reservoir of hope, but that hope seems more brittle all the time.

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8 thoughts on “Ricky Rubio is still not a Timberwolf

  1. Didn’t people say that no announcement would be made even if a deal had been reached by today until after Barca’s season is over? So theoretically, it still could go either way. Schrödinger’s Rubio.

    1. I think you may be right about that. I’m pretty sure I read that they could basically sign an agreement to sign an actual deal after the European season ends. And of course they could also just sign him for next year after the new CBA takes effect

  2. The real kicker will be if Rubio ends up just another completely mediocre lottery pick. The wolves seem to have put so much behind this kid in hoping he’ll come over to the US and be an impact player in the NBA. Maybe he will, but so many people are acting like he’s a sure thing instead of a gamble.

    Although I have a hard time imagining he wouldn’t have been the best PG on MN’s roster had he been in MN last year.

  3. Trade the #2 pick and rights to Rubio to Golden state for Monta ellis. Then trade #20 pick and Johnny flyn & Darko for a decent center(better than Darko) then try to get a free agent PG. Starting five-Ridnour,ellis,beasley,love,pekovic….bench-PG?,ellington,wes j,randolph,center?..webster,tolliver,haywood.

  4. New headline! Ricky Rubio IS a TWolf! (And God have mercy on his soul.)

    No, I kid. This is actually very exciting news! The Wolves’ front office did precisely what they set out to do! Props to them. Good financial decision from Rubio, as well, as he would likely have been forced to sign for less money after this CBA expires.

  5. Also, Charles has done the impossible and constructed a WORSE defensive starting 5 than that of the 2011 TWolves. Did not think it could be done.

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