KG and Steph: Just kids

Um, does anybody remember this? Because I didn’t:

Two or three amazing things here. First: watching these two young dudes goof off and enjoy each other its really hard to imagine how it all came apart so quickly. Second: can you believe how hard Stephon defends KG’s retardo contract against all the fakes and pretenders? Third: did you see the clip of KG checking Jordan? Did you see that!?

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0 thoughts on “KG and Steph: Just kids

  1. They can barely speak. Wish they would have played together longer. Too bad they went out and blew the next game.

  2. KG is the reason I started following NBA. I grew up in Sweden and moved to Minnesota in 98. I started watching the game in 2000. I lived not far from the stretch of road on 100 where Sealy got killed. KG can still play, he showed that last year. Kinda makes me cringe to remember how great KG was on D and now none of the wolves knows how to spell Defense.

  3. How dare Marbury steal all the hype from Kobe by being at Madison Square Garden. Parents from New York are still to this day disappointed they had to watch Kobe Bryant over thier native New Jersey son.

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