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Raw power

Savor this moment friends. After their truly shocking Texas back-to-back and their close shave against the Heat, your Minnesota Timberwolves are now in the top 20 of at least three different Power Rankings. ESPN and CBS have them at 17, while the wise (and generous!) Britt Robson of SI.com has slotted them at 14th (in the NBA!), nestled right in between Orlando and Boston.

I’m aware of the ultimate insignificance of things like this–not just in the face of the lived world but in actual basketball terms, particularly at this point in the year–and that much of this hype probably revolves around the collective waking dream induced by a certain hypnotic Spaniard. And I’m also aware that the Wolves might not ever be this close to .500 again.

But it’s just kind of nice that instead of reading things like, “the Minnesota Timberwolves, who are run by charlatans and fools, and whose decisions are so incomprehensible that they must be either subjecting us all to some post-conceptual performance piece or just, like, tanking, barely merit the consideration of being called a professional basketball team” (or whatever, etc),  we now read that “there are plenty of positive signs for Minnesota, who have won back-to-back games…” which is completely normal and, therefore, completely amazing.

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0 thoughts on “Raw power

  1. We’re also giving away points to Memphis on the road tonight. To be fair Conley and ZBo are hurt but that’s a level of respect the Wolves haven’t seen since KG left.

  2. Yay! It’s the first time basketball has been fun for T Wolves fans in at least 4 seasons. Huge thanks to Adelman and Khan!

  3. Khan did clear out a lot of the baggage when he first got here. Miller and Foye weren’t going to be any assets. There were others but I’ve already forgotten who they were. The fact that he can’t draft and insisted on doing it himself was not a good decision however. Flynn was a bust and I’m ready to call Wes a bust as well. We’re moving in the right direction and I think (and hope) that Adelman has Khan’s ear.

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