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Kevin Love meets K-Love the Octopus

Yesterday, Kevin Love went to Sea Life at the Mall of America to introduce himself and the world to K-Love the Octopus.

According to the press release from the team:

K-Love the octopus will be joining the team of 10,000 sea creatures from SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium at Mall of America. The octopuswill be released into his new tank by Kevin Love. Kevin will also be feeding K-Love the octopus as well as giving him a special basketball toy. Children from Hope Kids will also be on hand to be the first to see K-Love in his new tank.

Why an octopus? Both the octopus, K-Love, and Kevin Love have excellent grabbing ability – one to grab boards, the other mainly grabs food. An octopus is also one of the smartest animals in the sea, while Kevin is surely one of the smartest on the court. Lastly, both Kevin and K-Love will be making Minnesota proud for many years to come.

Thanks to the Wolves PR and Sea Life, I went down there with Myles Brown and others posing as media to check out the event first hand. Here’s a little video of the afternoon.

(Apologize for the subpar audio. Tried to reduce the background noise the best I could.)

Kevin seemed to have a fun time with the kids and everyone involved in the event. Here is a scientific look into the future at what K-Love the Octopus will look like when he’s fully grown.

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0 thoughts on “Kevin Love meets K-Love the Octopus

  1. That has to be just weird to have an Octopus named after you….especially since he didn’t ask for it. He seemed to have taken it in stride though.

  2. Ricky is done. That really sucks. Love has back problems. That sucks as well. Now if he has lingering back issues all year, that would suck the most. It’s hard to enough to see ANOTHER close game we should have won against the Lakers slip away, but watching Rubio limp off and thinking about Love’s potential nagging injury does not make me very happy. All I can think of is Tracy McGrady right now. AHHH!!!

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