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Miller moves on

I hope that the Wolves horrendous, disheartened season-closing efforts didn’t swear you off the team forever. Moreover, I hope that you checked out the team’s final game in which the woodsman, Brad Miller, dissolved into tears as he checked out of his final NBA game. And if you missed it (even if you didn’t) I hope you took a look at Zach’s moving and eloquent tribute to the man himself on Truehoop. Some choice words:

Miller is a beautiful passer. Watching him operate out of the post and the high-post throughout his 14 years has been a pleasure. He often seemed to know there was an opening to deliver the ball before his teammates even knew they were open. He could throw bounce passes, chest passes, behind-the-back passes, or whatever was necessary to get his teammates a score. The passes were on point, allowing the least amount of movement and execution to get a good shot off. When he integrated himself into Adelman’s system, he was thrown into a world that allowed his game to flourish.

Dude was a baller. I’m sad to see him go.

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  1. That was an unexpected highlight to this season for me. The Brad Miller Farewell Tour made for some fun TV towards the end. His 1st quarter (3-3 on 3s) was so fun to watch, I was laughing maniacally by that 3rd shot. It was amazing to see him get these sporadic minutes and still move the ball like he’s been playing all year. Watching him break down during the Denver game endeared me to him even more.. it was both refreshing and moving to see Timberwolf care THAT MUCH about the game… Farewell Brad Miller, your time in MN was short but sweet and will be remembered by many of us T-Wolves fans.

  2. I’ve always hated him throughout the years. I royally hated him on the Kings because he was brash and a hard-nosed player that got up in my favorite players’ grill every game and was effectively killing whoever came across. What I came to realize with him being on the Timberwolves is that those are some of the best qualities of the guy and every team should have a guy like him on their squad. He cares about the game (I mean, you HAVE to in order to cry as much as he did in a game where the rest of his teammates seemed to care less) and plays it hard but the right way. Good luck with your hunting adventures Mr. Miller. I wish you nothing but the best.

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