2012 Offseason

Kevin Love: All-NBA

Kevin Love has been named to the All-NBA second team today. For anyone who remembers our discussions about Love’s relative value over the past few years, and for anyone who consider themselves Wolves fans for that matter, this is really an incredible thing.

Now, you may be thinking, hey, this dude was fourth in the league in scoring, second in rebounding and fifth in PER; how is it that he’s not on the first team? In response to that, I’d ask you this: is Love a demonstrably better defender than anybody else on those top two teams? Blake Griffin, maybe?

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0 thoughts on “Kevin Love: All-NBA

  1. Love has the misfortune of playing the same “position” (forward) as two of the three best players in the game (LeBron and Durant). I’m afraid he’s going to be on a lot of All-NBA Second Teams for a long time.

    I say that like it’s a bad thing…

  2. I agree with Jeff. All-NBA First team is kinda off limits for forwards right now. Making Second team is great! Hopefully Rick Adelman can teach Love a little about how to be a better defender. He is now up there with Kevin Garnett when it comes to offense, however he’s miles away from KGs defensive energy and effort.

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