2012 Offseason, Injuries

Robbie Hummel has a torn meniscus

Poor Robbie Hummel. Torn meniscus isn’t that bad of an injury and he should be back in about a month, but I do feel bad for someone that keeps getting setbacks every time he’s moving forward with his career.

It’s not nearly as bad as him tearing his ACL multiple times, which is good. I just hope he’s able to move on from this injury and get a good season in with Blu:sens Monbús in Liga ACB in Spain. If he can be healthy, Hummel definitely can play in the NBA. With guys like Steve Novak and James Jones making long careers for themselves by shooting the ball from outside, it’s hard to imagine Hummel can’t find a role.

Hoping for a speedy recovery for Robbie, and that we get a chance to see him on an international court real soon.

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