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What a glorious sight… Ricky is running again

Mark Remme of Timberwolves.com tweeted this afternoon a photo of Ricky Rubio running during the Wolves’ practice.

Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 2.04.48 PM

With Ricky running now and eventually starting up some light basketball drills, we should be able to find out just how realistic our dreams of a late December return as a Christmas present to us really is.

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0 thoughts on “What a glorious sight… Ricky is running again

  1. IF he can cut with no pain and run full speed I would expect an early December return. Having torn my ACL before once you can run and cut it’s just a trust in the knee after that if he can get over that mental hurdle he should be back before Christmas.

  2. I’d imagine that the Wolves will be extremely cautious with him and may keep him out till January even if he’s cleared to go in December

  3. We were terrible last year without Ricky. True we have a lot of new additions, but I fear we may be too far deep for to catch up by the time Ricky comes back

  4. I thought I’d add a comment to continue the streak of commenters with a name beginning with M, but also to tell Mickey that we were terrible last year because nearly every player on the team had some kind of injury after Ricky went down. If Pek hadn’t missed any games, if JJ and Luke had stayed healthy at the same time, and if Love hadn’t missed the last 8 games, we would have been a lot better off. Add in AK, Roy, Buddinger, Shved, and others and we have a solid team without Rubio. Ricky is very important to this team, but he’s not the difference between playoffs and lottery by himself.

  5. On what Mick said, beyond the injuries, we were fielding (courting?) some seriously sub-par players for much of the season. We likely overachieved while Rubio was in the rotation. The Wolves have upgraded or added depth to every position, save the point, and it seems pretty likely that we’ll manage to stay afloat or better while Rubio recovers.

  6. The previous 2 posters hit the nail on the head, but I’ll just add this: turnovers and defense was what sunk them after Rubio left, and while defense was addressed less, they both were addressed.

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