Alexey Shved highlights from the win over the Thunder


Alexey Shved notched the first double-double of his career with 12 points, 12 assists, and he even grabbed seven rebounds too. He shot well from 3-point range and turned the ball over just one time. I’d say it was the best game of his short career, considering the match-ups he had throughout the night and the solid defense he played one game after getting annihilated by Dwyane Wade.

@AndrewQ_ on Twitter sent along this highlight video of Shved’s plays from the victory over the Thunder Thursday night.

The pass at the 50-second mark was definitely my favorite play of his from last night.

How do we feel about his performance, fellas?

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5 Responsesso far.

  1. Howl City says:

    I’d like to just point out that, even in this GIF, Dante Cunningham proves more effective than D-Will.

  2. Justin says:

    Shved is one of the main reason I am excited for this teams future. If the Wolves can lock down him Pek and Rubio long term this team will be exciting for a long time. The vision Shved and Rubio have on the floor is something I haven’t seen in this orginization in a very long time.

  3. Luke says:

    Rubio in the background of that gif is hilarious.

  4. Mike says:

    When we first picked up Shved, someone told me he was the “Russian Rubio”. It seemed clear after the olympics and the beginning of the season they offered somewhat different skill sets. But now seeing Shved distribute to Pek on the Mid-roll, KLove on the fade three, and Kirilenko and D-Will on the alley oops, I can see the comparison.

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